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Revision history for {{$dist->name}}
1.007 2009-04-21
add MetaProvider role and MetaResources plugin
inspired by the work of Fayland Lam
1.006 2009-04-18
fix a small context error that broke 'dzil install' in some cases
1.005 2009-04-18
numerous documentation fixes and minor bug fixes
added 'dzil install'
thanks to: hdp, sartak, Florian Ragwitz, alexv, obra
TODO: proper credits file
1.004 2008-10-14
do not barf if there's no dzil config (thanks, ILMARI)
1.003 2008-10-13
add "dzil new" to create a new dist.ini, etc
add "dzil release" to upload to the CPAN
both of these commands are really sketchy right now
use String::Flogger for log output rewriting
1.002 2008-10-07
add missing prereqs
1.001 2008-10-07
add missing prereqs
1.000 2008-10-06
alright, let's just release this thing, even if it's only half baked.
well... maybe more like unbaked
0.005 ?
allow alternate configuration readers
begin the long, hateful process of testing LOTS of existing code
some changes to AllFiles to allow more rewriting; for Data-Rx
0.004 2008-06-10
fairly complete documentation
0.003 2008-06-06
going to use this to build a bunch of stuff!
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