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0.38_02 Fri Apr 10 20:57:19 EDT 2009
* Specify an HTTP version for our GETs should get escaping to wokr
0.38_01 Mon Mar 2 18:11:46 EST 2009
* from confound++ for
0.38 Sun Jan 11 14:42:57 EST 2009
* Improve startup banner generation
0.37 Fri Jan 2 12:21:30 EST 2009
* Several fixes for [ #38011] designed to help get HSS to pass tests on Strawberry Perl
* Documentation fixups
* Pass arguments to ->run through to Net::Server->run
* Call setup_environment if a Net::Server is being used, for consistency.
* Don't print_banner if a Net::Server is being used.
* Make header parsing comply with RFC 2616. [ #21411]
0.33 Fri Apr 25 13:57:30 EDT 2008
* The new support for background processes notifying the parent didn't quite work right for some apps using HSS. It's been reverted for now and the tests TODOED
0.32 Thu Apr 24 09:45:14 EDT 2008
* At least Apache and lighttpd put unencoded strings into PATH_INFO, so so should we.
* Patch from to make backgrounding of the standalone server's server process deterministic. [ #28122]
0.31 Sun Mar 16 20:51:04 EDT 2008
* Test suite parallelization fixes. Thanks to Slaven Rezic
0.30 Tue Mar 11 12:14:24 EDT 2008
* Minor doc fix from Paul Miller.
* Fixing doc style from "$this" to "$self" like any self-respecting perl code
0.29 Fri Feb 15 11:43:29 EST 2008
* new example section from almut on perlmonks
0.28 Tue Jan 15 09:33:58 EST 2008
* New restartability support from Mark Stosberg
After reviewing the code in HTTP::Server::Simple,
Catalyst::Engine::HTTP and HTTP::Server::Brick, I found and
implemented an updated signal handling approach that I like and
understand, and actually works.
The current code restarted immediately if a SIGHUP came in, no
matter what was happening, including if a request was in process of
being fulfilled.
The new code works more like "apachectl graceful". It waits for the
current request cycle to finish, and then restarts the server.
This code has to be integrated in the core, but its just about
the same amount of signal handling code that was there... it just
works better. It's also written in such a way I think subclass/mixin
authors could rewrite just these parts if they wanted.
Also, it looks like a Net::Server based sub-class would already be
doing its own thing with SIGHUP handling, and should continue to
be unaffected.
* 0.26 release apparently didn't get to cpan correctly
* Supports multi-line encoded values in query_sting (like foo%0Abar) -- Dobrica Pavlinusic
* Fixes to URI unescaping to behave like apache does
* Hopefully deal with an odd case where a poorly behaved Internet Explorer could crash the server.
Thanks to the Catalyst project.
Fix a release-engineering messup. Thanks to ANDK
0.22 Wed Oct 18 23:36:34 EDT 2006
* Query string processing improvements
0.21 Wed Oct 18 23:31:42 EDT 2006
[ #21727] [PATCH] Support for Perl 5.004
-- Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni
Catch and ignore SIGPIPE, so broken pipes from the client don't cause
Standalone to drop all the way back to the shell.
Require POSIX only if we need it, rather than "use" it all the time
[cpan #17533] - Brad Bowman
new method: valid_http_method() from Chris Dent to make it easier to
create servers handling non-standard HTTP verbs.
Workaround for Class::Spiffy classloading order issue
Better handling for completely mangled requests.
0.16 Mon Nov 7 14:40:43 EST 2005
SIG{'HUP'} does not exist on Win32 (cpan #15606)
0.15 Thu Oct 6 21:11:02 EDT 2005
Precompute the local host's hostname and IP to save on DNS lookups at runtime
0.14 Thu Oct 6 20:48:49 EDT 2005
Split out HTTP::Server::Simple::CGI::Environment to support CGIs
Signal handlers are now installed on ->run, not on new. Also, they're
documented. Thanks to Mark Fowler.
We no longer lookup $ENV{'REMOTE_HOST'} by hostname, as it can cause huge performance problems.
0.13 Tue Aug 9 21:25:20 EDT 2005
Signal handlers should be 'localed', so as not to mess with others'
code. -- Thanks to David Wheeler
0.12 Sun Jul 17 02:14:57 EDT 2005
Test suite improvements from Mattia Barbon
0.11 Fri Jul 8 22:56:01 EDT 2005
Bogus META.yml broke signature checks. Thanks to sungo.
0.10 Tue Jun 28 11:27:58 EDT 2005
- Allow separate treatment of STDIN and STDOUT handles to the server. This
gives support for HTTP::Server::Simple::Recorder.
0.09 Tue Apr 19 21:43:31 EDT 2005
- Now we set the GATEWAY_INTERFACE metavariable in H:S:S:CGI.
0.08 Sat Apr 16 01:27:17 EDT 2005
- New tests for HTTP::Server:Simple::CGI from hide.
0.07 Sat Mar 26 14:25:38 CST 2005
- PAUSE broke :/
0.05 Sat Mar 26 14:14:54 CST 2005
- Fix a bug in HTTP::Server::Simple::CGI that clobbered CGI ENV variables
in some cases. Thanks, Hide.
- New public subclass-overridable method ->net_server() that can
optionally take a Net::Server subclass name and use it to replace
the default ->run() method. -- Autrijus Tang
0.04 Tue Mar 22 23:34:36 CST 2005
- Changed ->headers calling conventions. This may break backwards compat,
but is cleaner and safer.
- Fixed bugs in ::CGI that broke http header handling
- Refactored code to be more transparent
- Patch from Sebastian Riedel to do proper parsing of form data from STDIN
0.03_03 Fri Mar 18 15:09:52 EST 2005
- Finish fixes from
0.03_02 Thu Feb 17 23:34:00 NZDT 2005
- Make test script not depend on LWP
- Add ->header(), and various generic hook capabilities
- Made HTTP::Server::Simple::CGI use those hooks
- Add ->bad_request(), for protocol errors
0.03_01 Thu Feb 17 21:39:34 NZDT 2005
- Add ->setup() and ->handler()
- Add support for specifying a host to bind listener to
- Split out support into sub-class
- Add Changes file to MANIFEST
0.03 Wed Jan 26 08:55:34 EST 2005
- Test fixes for Win32