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-------------------------- TO DO: --------------------------------
* Add a 'diff' action that compares to previously installed version
* Figure out how to cooperate well with real packaging systems
(chiefly RPM, Debian, and PPM). May mean creating packages ourselves,
may mean creating lists of stuff to let package managers chew on, may
mean something else.
* When doing an 'install' or 'preinstall' action, create a packlist
file in a format useful for package managers. Probably a subtask of
the above packaging systems task.
-------------------------- DONE: ---------------------------------
* Write cleanup entries to _build/cleanup immediately, so they still
get written if an error occurs
* Create a prompt() method similar to ExtUtils::MakeMaker::prompt().
* Create a yorn() method that loops prompt() until it gets a yes/no
answer. (Created as y_n())
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