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Release instructions for Module::Build


Module::Build now bundles it's own release script in the custom subclass in inc/. However, it has some prerequisites:


Packaging and shipping

Update Module::Build from the repository and make sure there are no uncommitted changes:

  $ git fetch
  $ git status
  $ git diff origin/master

See what the last tag was:

  $ git describe

Pull the logs since that tag and update the Changes file if necessary

  $ git log 0.3605..HEAD

  $ vim Changes

If everything is good, just datestamp the version section at the top of Changes (e.g. use "r! date" then "kJ" in vim.)

  $ git commit -a -m "Changes - prep for release"

Push all commits to an 'origin' branch:

  $ git push origin master

And we should now be ready for automated shipping:

  $ perl Build.PL
  $ Build upload

After shipping

Now the release is out and tagged.

Before doing anything else, this is a good time to patch blead. See devtools/patching_blead.pod for instructions:

  $ Build patch_blead <path-to-perl-git-repo>

After patching blead, it's also time to start a new version number

  $ ./devtools/

  $ git commit -a -m "Changes, lib/***.pm - bump version"