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=== MyDMAM Upgrade document ===
#291 Add embddb option in Service YAML Configuration. This is not mandatory to use. Log this with hd3gtv.mydmam.embddb.*
=== Previous versions ===
No particular points to be check.
#283 CLI option dumpdb is removed. Use instead actiondb -import|export.
#283 CLI options storageindex and storage are definitively removed.
#286 Remove getIdFromFilename (isValidMediaId) function ! Don't forget to migrate it to a JSModule.
No particular points to be check.
#252 You should set a login and a password for all AD backends (in play.yml).
#268 Remove CLI bca -propertycatch
#268 Remove configuration key broadcast_automation.catch_playlist_to_parse
#239 FTP server admin (in Play side) can create FTP account user directories. Just add some ftpservergroups/group name/base_working_dir keys in configuration.
#246 Set MyRollingFileAppender for new log appender if you want display an end-of-file message before rolling. Useful with a tail option.
#208 Add watchfolderopts.max_founded_items and dontkeepdone configuration entry for limit big watchfolders job explosion
#208 Add ffprobe-jaxb-1.0.jar to classpath
#234 Change configuration keys: move auth.* to play.*
#234 Change Java main class for Probe/Server/FTP Server > all are now in hd3gtv.mydmam.MainClass. CLI is still the same.
#234 Remove UIFrame
#234 hd3gtv.mydmam.MainClass main with a parameter like "play" or "services" or "ftpserver" it only start one of them, even if they are declared in configuration.
#234 Must use ant and build.xml for get *all* dependencies from (remove directory dependency)
#234 Add key "java.source=1.8" in application.conf
#234 Remove keys "db.url" and "db.driver" in application.conf
#234 Java specific "unlimited" JCE setup are not mandatory now.
Remove web client cookies after upgrade