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MyDMAM Setup instructions

Setup instructions can be found in the MyDMAM site. Take a look before continuing. You should download prepared packs.

Don't forget to read best setup practices before start MyDMAM in production. Also read security recommendations.

After unpack MyDMAM archive or do an ant build:

  • Windows: use goto in scripts/*.bat / *.exe
  • macOS / Linux, cd startup
  • bash linux-bootstrap.bash OR macos-bootstrap.bash
  • If this instance not needs a HTTP Server (web interface), remove /conf/app.d/play.yml
  • Check configuration files in /conf/app.d, setup databases addresses, master password key, your mail... Only .yml files are loaded. Do not use tabulations in this files.
  • Test a startup with cli, like the script tell you to do. For Linux: runuser -u mydmam /opt/mydmam/startup/mydmam-cli.bash [-- parameters]
  • For Linux, you can setup cli in /bin directory for get in in path ln -s (here)/startup/mydmam-cli.bash /bin/mydmam
  • Activate service (see .bash files) and start it.
  • Keep an eye to logs. Log file are declared in `/conf/log4j.xml', and only this file (it's target to /var/log/mydmam/mydmam.log by default).
  • For web interface, Play Server needs some seconds to start, so wait for it.
  • Then pickup the auto-generated new admin password in mydmam/play-new-password.txt, goto to http://(mydman-server-addr):9001/ and logon.

You should setup NTP time synchronization.

Linux, FTP server and port restriction

FTP Server can't run in non-root user and listen on TCP ports 20 and 21.


  • You can run it on root (just remove user and group from service), but it's not a good idea.
  • Or set a firewall rule. Add ExecStartPre=bash /opt/mydmam/startup/firewall-ftp.bash in service setup.

By default, FTP Server configuration listen on TCP/5020 and 5021.

On macOS and Windows, just set in ftpserver.yml configuration listen and active to 21 and 20.

Configure external tools

It's not mandatory but necessary for manipulate medias.

MyDMAM can detect this tools. You can force to set binaries executables paths in conf/app.d/executables.yml


Compile or setup ffmpeg with h264 + aac support with a version > 3.0


The actual ImageMagick distribution works well. You can install it from packages.


Compile the actual package.

Build and configure MyDMAM

In the case if you want build yourself a MyDMAM package (more informations in