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A tool for uploading media files to a FTP server, with low-res converting, all in a simple way.
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On Road Media Sender

A tool for uploading media files to a FTP server, with low-res converting, all in a simple way.

It's designed for journalists in working on road, just after edit a video file with a NLE like Avid, afford to send export the simplest way it is: a drag & drop.

Tested and approved for run with Windows 7 (and +) and OSX Yosemite (and +).

Translated in english (as i can), and natural french.


After change the configuration for setup the FTP destination(s), drag&drop a file in table and it will be converted and sended. Or just sended.



  • auto-detect files format and auto select the action todo with it
  • transcode only hi-bitrates video and audio files: if the submitted file has a low bitrate, it don't transcode it
  • can transcode video only (w/o audio), or audio only (make an audio low-res from a video file)
  • multiple video and audio profiles can be setup
  • multiple FTP destinations can be setup
  • handle enterlaced rescale, MOV/MXF streams (2 audio mono stream to a stereo stream)
  • if the file is a document, it will be sended as it
  • convert to a mp4/mov file with fast-start: partial sended files are playable
  • Transcoding operation detect previousely transcoded files
  • FTP transfert function can detect and ignore the sended files or resume transferts for partially transferred files
  • FTP transfert never stop to try to send files ever if the link is not stable
  • App log can be see in separate window (and log verbosity can be changed here)
  • App name and logo can be changed for you're company logo


Write in Java FX 8, it run with Java 8 JRE and some dependencies :

  • ffprobe-jaxb-1.0.jar
  • commons-beanutils-1.9.2.jar
  • commons-configuration2-2.1.jar
  • commons-io-2.4.jar
  • commons-lang3-3.4.jar
  • commons-logging-1.1.3.jar
  • commons-net-3.1.jar
  • log4j-1.2.17.jar
  • slf4j-api-1.7.2.jar
  • slf4j-log4j12-1.7.2.jar

It need absoluty ffmpeg and ffprobe v3 for media operations.


GNU/GPL v3 - (C) Copyright 2016 hdsdi3g for - Ugly logo CC NC By SA

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