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A Clojure Dojo project to try and solve a Travelling Salesman problem with Clojure
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London Clojure Dojo

Travelling Salesman with Genetic Algorithms

This is a variation of the following Ruby Quiz.

A Salesman has to visit a number of cities. Each city is connected to every other city. It takes a fixed number of hours to go from one city to another.

The Salesman wants to visit each city one and complete the trip as quickly as possibly.

Using Genetic Algorithims to solve the problem

In the interest of time the first cut solution should be very simple.

The genetic code should represent a set of routes between cities.

Only two algorithims are in competition the parent and the child.

The fitness function should check that each city is visited only once and the fitness value is simply the total time to complete the trip.

It should be possible to specify the following termination conditions:

  • a number of generations
  • a number of generations without improvement
  • a set fitness value
    • bonus: time elapsed since the program started

What is the goal of the dojo?

The main goal of the dojo will be continuing to learn about the use of tuples in Clojure as well as analysing a problem and breaking it down into functions.

There is also some global state in terms of the cancellation of the calculations.

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