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Filter Pruning via Geometric Median for Deep Convolutional Neural Networks Acceleration


CVPR 2019 Oral.

Implementation with PyTorch. This implementation is based on soft-filter-pruning.

Table of Contents


  • Python 3.6
  • PyTorch 0.3.1
  • TorchVision 0.3.0

Models and log files

The trained models with log files can be found in Google Drive. Specifically:

models for pruning ResNet on ImageNet

models for pruning ResNet on CIFAR-10

models for pruning VGGNet on CIFAR-10

models for ablation study

The pruned model without zeros, refer to this issue.

Training ResNet on ImageNet

Usage of Pruning Training

We train each model from scratch by default. If you wish to train the model with pre-trained models, please use the options --use_pretrain --lr 0.01.

Run Pruning Training ResNet (depth 152,101,50,34,18) on Imagenet:

python -a resnet152 --save_path ./snapshots/resnet152-rate-0.7 --rate_norm 1 --rate_dist 0.4 --layer_begin 0 --layer_end 462 --layer_inter 3  /path/to/Imagenet2012

python -a resnet101 --save_path ./snapshots/resnet101-rate-0.7 --rate_norm 1 --rate_dist 0.4 --layer_begin 0 --layer_end 309 --layer_inter 3  /path/to/Imagenet2012

python -a resnet50  --save_path ./snapshots/resnet50-rate-0.7 --rate_norm 1 --rate_dist 0.4 --layer_begin 0 --layer_end 156 --layer_inter 3  /path/to/Imagenet2012

python -a resnet34  --save_path ./snapshots/resnet34-rate-0.7 --rate_norm 1 --rate_dist 0.4 --layer_begin 0 --layer_end 105 --layer_inter 3  /path/to/Imagenet2012

python -a resnet18  --save_path ./snapshots/resnet18-rate-0.7 --rate_norm 1 --rate_dist 0.4 --layer_begin 0 --layer_end 57 --layer_inter 3  /path/to/Imagenet2012


Note1: rate_norm = 0.9 means pruning 10% filters by norm-based criterion, rate_dist = 0.2 means pruning 20% filters by distance-based criterion.

Note2: the layer_begin and layer_end is the index of the first and last conv layer, layer_inter choose the conv layer instead of BN layer.

Usage of Normal Training

Run resnet(100 epochs):

python -a resnet50 --save_dir ./snapshots/resnet50-baseline  /path/to/Imagenet2012 --workers 36

Inference the pruned model with zeros

sh function/

Inference the pruned model without zeros

The pruned model without zeros, refer to this issue.

Scripts to reproduce the results in our paper

To train the ImageNet model with / without pruning, see the directory scripts. Full script is here.

Training ResNet on Cifar-10

sh scripts/

Please be care of the hyper-parameter layer_end for different layer of ResNet.

Reproduce ablation study of Cifar-10:

sh scripts/

Training VGGNet on Cifar-10

Refer to the directory VGG_cifar.

Reproduce previous paper Pruning Filters for Efficient ConvNets

sh VGG_cifar/scripts/

Four function included in the script, including training baseline, pruning from pretrain, pruning from scratch, finetune the pruend

Our method

sh VGG_cifar/scripts/

Including pruning the pretrained, pruning the scratch.


Torchvision Version

We use the torchvision of 0.3.0. If the version of your torchvision is 0.2.0, then the transforms.RandomResizedCrop should be transforms.RandomSizedCrop and the transforms.Resize should be transforms.Scale.

Why use 100 epochs for training

This can improve the accuracy slightly.

Process of ImageNet dataset

We follow the Facebook process of ImageNet. Two subfolders ("train" and "val") are included in the "/path/to/ImageNet2012". The correspding code is here.

FLOPs Calculation

Refer to the file.


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  booktitle = {Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)},
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Filter Pruning via Geometric Median for Deep Convolutional Neural Networks Acceleration (CVPR 2019 Oral)




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