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;; From
(require 'term)
(require 'multi-term)
(setq multi-term-program "/bin/bash")
;;(setq ansi-color-context nil)
(setq comint-prompt-read-only t)
;; (setq ansi-color-names-vector
;; ["black" "red4" "green4" "yellow4"
;; "blue3" "magenta4" "cyan4" "white"])
(defun aj-shell-hook()
(toggle-truncate-lines 1)
(add-hook 'shell-mode-hook 'aj-shell-hook)
;; Add color to a shell running in emacs ‘M-x shell’
;; (autoload 'ansi-color-for-comint-mode-on "ansi-color" nil t)
;; (add-hook 'shell-mode-hook 'ansi-color-for-comint-mode-on)
(defun visit-ansi-term ()
"If the current buffer is:
1) a running ansi-term named *ansi-term*, rename it.
2) a stopped ansi-term, kill it and create a new one.
3) a non ansi-term, go to an already running ansi-term
or start a new one while killing a defunt one"
(let ((is-term (string= "term-mode" major-mode))
(is-running (term-check-proc (buffer-name)))
(term-cmd "/bin/bash")
(anon-term (get-buffer "*ansi-term*")))
(if is-term
(if is-running
(if (string= "*ansi-term*" (buffer-name))
(call-interactively 'rename-buffer)
(if anon-term
(switch-to-buffer "*ansi-term*")
(ansi-term term-cmd)))
(kill-buffer (buffer-name))
(ansi-term term-cmd))
(if anon-term
(if (term-check-proc "*ansi-term*")
(switch-to-buffer "*ansi-term*")
(kill-buffer "*ansi-term*")
(ansi-term term-cmd))
(ansi-term term-cmd)))))
;;(global-set-key (kbd "<f2>") 'visit-ansi-term)
(global-set-key (kbd "<f2>") 'multi-term)
(defun aj-term-toggle-line-char ()
"Function to toggle line and char mode in ansi-term"
(if (term-in-line-mode)
(add-hook 'term-mode-hook
(lambda ()
(local-set-key "\C-c\C-j" 'aj-term-toggle-line-char)
(message "loading term-hook-aj")
;; Terminal color
(set-variable 'term-default-bg-color (face-background 'default))
(set-variable 'term-default-fg-color (face-foreground 'default))
;; Bind key for multi-term
(push '("C-c C-j" . aj-term-toggle-line-char) term-bind-key-alist)
;; From
;; Added cd
(defun shell-here ()
"Open a shell in `default-directory'."
(let ((dir (expand-file-name default-directory))
(buf (or (get-buffer "*shell*") (shell))))
(goto-char (point-max))
(if (not (string= (buffer-name) "*shell*"))
(switch-to-buffer-other-window buf))
(message list-buffers-directory)
(if (not (string= (expand-file-name list-buffers-directory) dir))
(progn (comint-send-string (get-buffer-process buf)
(concat "cd \"" dir "\"\r"))
(cd dir) ;; Added
(setq list-buffers-directory dir)))))
(global-set-key (kbd "C-c !") 'shell-here)
(provide 'aj-term)