A Vagrant 1.1.x plugin to manage DNS records on Mac systems.
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Vagrant dns plugin

A Vagrant 1.1.x plugin to manage DNS records on Mac systems. It is heavily based on https://github.com/BerlinVagrant/vagrant-dns (which doesn't seem to support Vagrant 1.1.x currently), so credit goes to the author of that lib.

Currently, it doesn't support running multiple vagrant machines. All vagrant-dns related files are located in ~/.vagrant.d/tmp/dns. This may be something that needs to be addressed later on.


  • Default this plugin disabled, and enable by config.dns.enable = true
  • Add config validation
  • Add specs
  • Add DNS resolver uninstall command
  • Add Vagrant destroy action hook to clean dns tmp path
  • Move resolvers create and installation to command


It is only used as a plugin for Vagrant, so to install:

$ vagrant plugin install lh-vagrant-dns


Vagrant.configure("2") do |config|

  # Configure DNS tlds
  config.dns.tld = "dev"
  # or config.dns.tlds = ["dev", "stag"]

  # This will be used to construct dns patterns, unless if
  # config.dns.patterns option is explicity defined. Otherwise, given tld
  # to be 'dev', we would get DNS pattern /^.*machine.dev$/
  config.vm.hostname = "machine"

  # Optional configuration
  config.dns.patterns = [/^.*mysite.dev$/, /^.*myothersite.dev$/]

  config.vm.network :private_network, ip: ""

After vagrant up, install DNS resolver on mac:

$ sudo vagrant dns --install

Now, vagrant halt stops a DNS server, while vagrant up or vagrant provision starts a DNS server.


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