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Building Bricks

A minecraft mod focused on the building aspect of the game. It adds all the missing block types of vanilla materials, for instance a smooth stone stair, smooth stone slab, and many more. It also adds new block types like the vertical slab, the step and the corner. Finally, it adds items to make building more easy and less tedious.

Download and instalation

Curse: Building Bricks

This mod requires forge to be installed. To install the mod copy the file to the "mods" folder



The mod works by grouping blocks into materials, for instance "smooth stone" or "stone bricks", and then generating all the missing blocks for the material.

New Block Types

The mod adds a couple of new block types. The first one is the vertical slab, a vertical variant of the slab:

Another block added is the "Step", which is half of a slab:

The other block added is the "Corner", which is half of a step:


The trowel is an item that can be binded to any material. Once binded it allows you to place blocks of the binded material consuming any available block of the material in the player's inventory. See and

Material Bag

The material bag is an item that can store several stacks of blocks of only one material. The trowel can directly use the material contained inside of material bags.

Portable Ladder

The portable ladder is a 3 blocks high ladder which can be easily placed and picked up.

Grass slabs world gen

Generate grass slabs to smooth out the terrain.


A minecraft mod about building blocks and building tools.




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