A minecraft mod that adds content that tries to follow vanilla balance.
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Dulce De Leche

A minecraft mod with an assortment of modifications and content that tries to improve vanilla gameplay.


Enchantments Module

Adds different enchantments to the game.

Area Enchantment

The Area enchantment can be applied to tools. It makes it so that when you mine a block, it also mines the blocks in a 3x3 (Area I) or 5x5 (Area II) around the original target.

Food Module

Dulce de leche and Vauquita

Dulce De Leche is a food item obtained by cooking a milk bucket in a furnace. When eaten, it temporarily provides Haste II and Slowness II.

The Vauqita is another food item crafted from sugar and Dulce De Leche, when eaten it teporarily provides Haste I.

Redstone Module

Assembler (Disabled in 1.14)

The Assembler is a block that can automatically craft items.

Dispenser Behaviours

  • Add dispenser behaviour to plant seeds
  • Add dispenser behaviour to feed animals for breeding

World Module

Non-solid leaves

Makes leaves blocks non-solid blocks that you can walk through.