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Gradle plugin for Twilio Guardrail code generation.
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Gradle plugin for Twilio Guardrail code generation.

Effectively a wrapper over Guardrail CLI.

Based on int128/gradle-swagger-generator-plugin


Common example of how to generate the client code and use it in your project:

  1. Generate Petstore dropwizard client
  2. Make java classes depend on generated sources
plugins {

dependencies {
    ... // insert corresponding dependencies to compile

guardrail {
    petstore {
        inputFile = file('src/main/resources/pet_store_v3.yml')
        gen {
            packageName = 'com.foobar.generated.pet_store_v3'
            language = 'java'
            framework = 'dropwizard'

compileJava.dependsOn guardrail.petstore.gen guardrail.petstore.gen.outputDir


To declare a generation

guardrail {                                         // plugin declaration
    name {                                          // key of generation, e.g. petstore, myService, etc. 
        inputFile = file('myspec.yml')              // path of the file
        gen {                                       // task that instucts generation
            outputDir = file('...')                 // where to place output. default is
                                                    // file(project.buildDir/'guardrail-sources')
            packageName = 'com.example.arbitrary'   // package of classes to be packaged
            language = 'java'                       // or scala. default 'scala'
            kind = 'server'                         // or client. default 'client'
            framework = '...'                       // see table below. default 'akka-http'
            tracing = 'true'                        // or false, default false. adds lightstep integration to service
            customImports = ["com.myclasses.Blah", 
                             "com.classes.Blah"]    // optional list of classes to be used in generation
                                                    // see 'x-jvm-package' or 'x-scala-package' extension
            dtoPackage = 'dtos'                     // where to put DTO objects. Where to put your client's DTOs. 
                                                    // Effectively: "$${packageName}.definitions.$${dtoPackage}"



Available frameworks

If 'scala':

  • akka-http
  • endpoints
  • http4s

If 'java':

  • dropwizard

Multiple generations

guardrail {
    // generate a server stub in java with dropwizard resources
    petstoreServer {
        inputFile = file('src/main/resources/pet_store_v2.yml')
        gen {
            packageName = 'com.foobar.generated.petstore.server'
            kind = 'server'
            language = 'java'
            framework = 'dropwizard'
    // generate a scala http4s client
    petstoreClient {
        inputFile = file('src/main/resources/pet_store_v3.yml')
        gen {
            packageName = 'com.foobar.generated.petstore.client'
            language = 'scala'
            framework = 'http4s'
            kind = 'client'


This is an open source software licensed under the MIT License. Feel free to open issues or pull requests.

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