A .NET Wrapper for the media crush API. https://mediacru.sh/docs/API
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A .NET 4 & 4.5 (seperate projects) wrapper for the media crush API: https://mediacru.sh/docs/API
MediaCrush source repo is found at https://github.com/MediaCrush/MediaCrush

Example Usage




Retrieving file info

MediaCrush API Implementation: https://github.com/MediaCrush/MediaCrush/blob/master/docs/api.md#apihash

  var fileInfo = SharpCrush.GetFileInfo("tVWMM_ziA3nm");
  // The compression of the file //
  float compression = fileInfo.Compression;
  // All converted files associated with MediaCrush //
  SharpCrushFile[] files  = fileInfo.Files;
  // The original image uploaded //
  string OG = fileInfo.Original;
  // The image file type of the original file uploaded //
  string OGFileType = fileInfo.OriginalFileType;
  // If there is an error, you can retrieve it by implementing the following: //
  int statusCode = fileInfo.StatusCode;
  // it will return the http status code. 404, 409, 500, etc //

Retrieving info about multiple files

MediaCrush API Implementation: https://github.com/MediaCrush/MediaCrush/blob/master/docs/api.md#apiinfolisthash

  var fileInfos = SharpCrush.GetFileInfo("tVWMM_ziA3nm", "CPvuR5lRhmS0", "tVWMM_ziA3nm", "CPvuR5lRhmS0", ... );
  // just a dictionary of media files with the hash as the key //
  foreach(var file in fileInfos) 
    string hash = file.Key;
    SharpCrushMediaFile mediaFile = file.Value;


  // Very useless, but available. //
  var fileInfos = SharpCrush.GetFileInfo(new string[] {"tVWMM_ziA3nm", "CPvuR5lRhmS0", "tVWMM_ziA3nm", ...} );

Checking for file existance

MediaCrush API Implementation: https://github.com/MediaCrush/MediaCrush/blob/master/docs/api.md#apihashexists

  var fileExists = SharpCrush.GetFileExists("tVWMM_ziA3nm");
    // ...

Deleting files

MediaCrush API Implementation: https://github.com/MediaCrush/MediaCrush/blob/master/docs/api.md#apihashdelete

  var deleteFileResult = SharpCrush.DeleteFile("tVWMM_ziA3nm");
  if(deleteFileResult == DeleteFileResult.Successful)
    // ...

Retrieving file upload status

MediaCrush API Implementation: https://github.com/MediaCrush/MediaCrush/blob/master/docs/api.md#apihashstatus

  var fileStatusResult = SharpCrush.GetFileStatus("tVWMM_ziA3nm");
  if(fileStatusResult == GetFileStatusResult.Successful)
    // ...

Uploading files

MediaCrush API Implementation: https://github.com/MediaCrush/MediaCrush/blob/master/docs/api.md#apiuploadfile

  var fileUploadResult = SharpCrush.UploadFile("insert_path_to_file_here.png");
  string fileHash = fileUploadResult.FileHash;
  if(fileStatusResult.Result == FileUploadResults.Successful)
    // ...

Note: Try not to confuse FileUploadResult with FileUploadResults (Notice the 's' at the end).
FileUploadResult is the wrapper class for the API. Hashes, SharpCrushMediaFiles, etc...
FileUploadResults are the result codes that are returned. 404 (NotFound), 200(Successful), 409(AlreadyUploaded), etc...

Uploading URLs

MediaCrush API Implementation: https://github.com/MediaCrush/MediaCrush/blob/master/docs/api.md#apiuploadurl

  var urlUploadResult = SharpCrush.UploadUrl("http://example.com/reallyslowimagesandorcrappyvideofiles/img.gif");
  string fileHash = urlUploadResult.FileHash;
  if(urlUploadResult.Result == UrlUploadResults.Successful)
    // ...

Note: Try not to confuse UrlUploadResult with UrlUploadResults (Notice the 's' at the end).
UrlUploadResult is the wrapper class for the API. Hashes, SharpCrushMediaFiles, etc...
UrlUploadResults are the result codes that are returned. 404 (NotFound), 200(Successful), 409(AlreadyUploaded), etc...

NOTE: These will probably change as I find myself hating my code more and more


See Contributing.md