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=== 0.1.4 / 2013-08-95
7474613 fix namespacing for travis-ci jruby version
=== 0.1.3 / 2013-08-95
fc71fe7 make extended types persistent to avoid warning
=== 0.1.2 / 2013-02-24
3ff2e52 ensure that frame setting is updated when bytecode version is
24e8363 add aliases for h_* opcodes for asm3 support
67e22e6 fix up test for 1.7
1e7add0 oops there's no assert_false
83d5862 clean up rake file
8a72f8e add varargs support to mirrors
a8e2b4d ignore parameter annotations instead of blowing up when building a mirror
=== 0.1.1 / 2012-11-02
ba61804 Fixes for printing generics
99176d7 Fix another typo
c92f2a1 Fix generics typo
0a44001 Fix using ClassMirrors as an annotation type
fc7b508 Fix typo in generics
3fdbf72 Modify asm3 stuff to configure frame/stack computation too.
f473192 Allow configuring frame and stack computation.
79efa1e Update history again for 0.1.0.
e47bf31 port the to_widen functionality to asm3
7e51ec9 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin'
e8eb48e Update history again for 0.1.0.
8db7cc8 Merge branch 'master' of
b26d74a Add support for overriding getCommonSuperClass for writing frames
=== 0.1.0 / 2011-11-10
be71f3f Re-add old ASM3 versions of everything for backward compat.
56e20b0 More fixes for ASM 4.0.
9daf504 Fixes for asm 4.0.
dff922a Added a note about the simple loop example explaining how it works.
f0ba202 Merge pull request #2 from calavera/master
=== 0.0.9 / 2011-07-11
62a10d2 Update time format in gemspec
0d37ff9 Update example
3b24a1d Fix TypeError in bytecode.rb with --1.9
96dfbef Merge pull request #5 from baroquebobcat/fixing_test_method_insns_deltas
2b06833 Merge pull request #4 from baroquebobcat/fix_bytecode_version_test
501863d Merge pull request #6 from baroquebobcat/continue_to_work_when_asm_4.0_is_unavailable
a4b82aa only define mh_* if those opcodes are present
a556514 rescue + note around MethodHandle java import
11472c7 copy and paste of sig_stack_net had a small bug. This fixes it
d5a7e4d default is now dynamic depending on java version used
7beeb5a Ask ASM to compute frames too.
a9e1c61 Fix ASM package juggling for proper pre-1.6.0.RC2 package.
c840664 Get invokedynamic support working.
801bea4 Add args length checking to fib script, since it's always confusing to get ArrayIndexOutOfBounds.
b537df1 Replace Label#set! calls with forward-referencing symbols.
3bf6f98 Replace confusing load_time macro with current_time
130bda6 Add .redcar to .gitignore.
=== 0.0.8 / 2011-03-05
* Support parsing of generic signatures
* Update ASM reference to work with JRuby >=1.6.0.RC3 name mangling
=== 0.0.7 / 2010-11-10
* Fix some likely label collisions
* Class mirror and annotation fixes
* Post-generate verification
=== 0.0.6 / 2010-06-09
* Move to a class mirror API rather than loading and walking real classes
* Bug fixes for annotations
* Allow forward references to labels for easier branch logic
=== 0.0.5 / 2010-02-04
* Get tests and examples all working nicely again
* Clean up some -w noise from mangled ASM path
* Annotations, exceptions, many other Java features added
=== 0.0.4 / 2009-10-27
* Numeric fixes and feature additions to support Duby and other consumers
=== 0.0.3 / 2009-06-14
* Support for Java 1.7 and invokedynamic
=== 0.0.2 / 2009-05-14
* Improve use support for packages, make it more API-friendly
* Disable instance_eval when a block argument is requested
* Allow defining non-public classes
=== 0.0.1 / 2009-03-28
* 1 major enhancement
* Birthday!