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// AutoFunction.h: interface for the AutoFunction class.
#if !defined(AFX_AUTOFUNCTION_H__996597A1_30DE_11D1_A56F_0040053958BF__INCLUDED_)
#define AFX_AUTOFUNCTION_H__996597A1_30DE_11D1_A56F_0040053958BF__INCLUDED_
#pragma warning(disable: 4786)
#include <string>
using namespace std;
#if _MSC_VER >= 1000
#pragma once
#endif // _MSC_VER >= 1000
#define WINDOW_ACTION_TEXT {"No Change", "Restore", "Minimize", "Maximize"}
#include <set>
using namespace std;
class HackItDlg ;
class AutoFunction
set<HWND> m_LastWindows;
string filename;
string title;
string winClass;
int windowAction;
int topmostAction;
int visibilityAction;
int priorityAction;
int destructionAction;
int transparency;
int resize;
int resizeW;
int resizeH;
int move;
int moveX;
int moveY;
int specialAction;
string specialData;
int alternateTarget;
string alternateData;
int trayIcon;
int topOnly;
int caseSensitive;
AutoFunction(string filename, string title, string winclass);
string getWinClass() {return winClass;}
string getTitle() {return title;}
string getFilename() {return filename;}
void setWinClass(string w) {winClass = w;}
void setTitle(string t) {title = t;}
void setFilename(string f) {filename = f;}
int getWindowAction() {return windowAction;}
int getTopmostAction() {return topmostAction;}
int getVisibilityAction() {return visibilityAction;}
int getTransparency() {return transparency;}
int getPriorityAction() {return priorityAction;}
int getDestructionAction() {return destructionAction;}
int getResize() {return resize;}
int getResizeW() {return resizeW;}
int getResizeH() {return resizeH;}
int getMove() {return move;}
int getMoveX() {return moveX;}
int getMoveY() {return moveY;}
int getSpecialAction() {return specialAction;}
string getSpecialData() {return specialData;}
int getAlternateTarget() {return alternateTarget;}
string getAlternateData() {return alternateData;}
int getTrayIcon() {return trayIcon;}
int getTopOnly() {return topOnly;}
int getCaseSensitive() {return caseSensitive;}
void setWindowAction(int action) {windowAction = action;}
void setTopmostAction(int action) {topmostAction = action;}
void setVisibilityAction(int action) {visibilityAction = action;}
void setTransparency(int transparency) {this->transparency = transparency;}
void setPriorityAction(int action) {priorityAction = action;}
void setDestructionAction(int action) {destructionAction = action;}
void setResize(int r) {resize = r;}
void setResizeW(int w) {resizeW = w;}
void setResizeH(int h) {resizeH = h;}
void setMove(int m) {move = m;}
void setMoveX(int x) {moveX = x;}
void setMoveY(int y) {moveY = y;}
void setSpecialAction(int action) {specialAction = action;}
void setSpecialData(string data) {specialData = data;}
void setAlternateTarget(int target) {alternateTarget = target;}
void setAlternateData(string data) {alternateData = data;}
void setTrayIcon(int tray) {trayIcon = tray;}
void setTopOnly(int top) {topOnly = top;}
void setCaseSensitive(int case1) {caseSensitive = case1;}
BOOL match(HWND window);
static void execute(HackItDlg *dlg, AutoFunction *af, HWND window);
#endif // !defined(AFX_AUTOFUNCTION_H__996597A1_30DE_11D1_A56F_0040053958BF__INCLUDED_)