A Java DSL for binding method handles forward, rather than backward
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This library hopes to provide a more friendly DSL for binding method handles. Unlike the normal MethodHandle API, handles are bound forward from a source MethodType and eventually adapted to a final target MethodHandle. Along the way the transformations are pushed onto a stack and eventually applied in reverse order, as the standard API demands.


Transformation calls can be chained. They are not applied until an eventual "invoke" is called with the target endpoint MethodHandle.

MethodHandle mh = Binder
   .from(String.class, String.class, String.class) // String w(String, String)
   .drop(1, String.class) // String x(String)
   .insert(0, 'hello') // String y(String, String)
   .cast(String.class, CharSequence.class, Object.class) // String z(CharSequence, Object)


This is currently under development. Not all transformations from the MethodHandle API are yet supported.

Contributors are welcome :)