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MANIFEST = FileList["Manifest.txt", "Rakefile", "README.txt", "LICENSE.txt", "lib/**/*", "samples/*","test/**/*"]
file "Manifest.txt" => :manifest
task :manifest do"Manifest.txt", "w") {|f| MANIFEST.each {|n| f << "#{n}\n"} }
Rake::Task['manifest'].invoke # Always regen manifest, so Hoe has up-to-date list of files
$LOAD_PATH << 'lib'
require 'jmx/version'
require 'hoe'"jmxjr", JMX::VERSION) do |p|
p.rubyforge_name = "kenai"
p.url = "" = "Thomas Enebo & Jay McGaffigan" = ""
p.summary = "Package for interacting/creating Java Management Extensions"
p.changes = p.paragraphs_of('History.txt', 0..1).join("\n\n")
p.description = "Install this gem and require 'jmx' to load the library."
end.spec.dependencies.delete_if { |dep| == "hoe" }
rescue LoadError
puts "You need Hoe installed to be able to package this gem"
rescue => e
p e.backtrace
puts "ignoring error while loading hoe: #{e.to_s}"
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