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+Title: jruby-gc-stats
+This is a set of GC-monitoring methods for JRuby that mimic behavior of Ruby
+Enterprise Edition's GC methods. In our case, these are all implemented in
+Ruby, using the JVM's built-in monitoring and management APIs.
+Example Usage:
+require 'jruby/gc_stats'
+require 'pp'
+puts "Enabling stats..."
+puts "allocation size: #{GC.allocation_size}"
+puts "Running loop..."
+1_000.times {
+ ary = []
+ 1_000.times {ary << 'foo' + 'bar'}
+puts "collections: #{GC.collections}"
+puts "time: #{GC.time}ms"
+puts "bytes since last GC: #{GC.growth}"
+puts "size change: #{GC.allocation_size}"
+puts "Dumping..."
+puts "Dumping caller for all threads..."
+2.times { {sleep}}
+pp caller_for_all_threads

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