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= kramdown
kramdown is yet-another-markdown-parser but fast, pure Ruby, using a strict syntax definition and
supporting several common extensions. The syntax definition for the kramdown syntax can be found in
doc/ and a quick reference is available in doc/
The kramdown library is mainly written to support the kramdown-to-HTML conversion chain. However,
due to its flexibility it supports other input and output formats as well. Here is a list of the
supported formats:
* input formats: kramdown (a Markdown superset), Markdown, HTML
* output formats: HTML, kramdown, LaTeX (and therefore PDF)
All the documentation on the available input and output formats is available in the doc/ directory
and online at
== Usage
kramdown has a basic *Cloth API, so using kramdown is as easy as
require 'kramdown'
For detailed information have a look at the API documentation of the Kramdown::Document class.
The full API documentation is available at, other sites with an
API documentation for kramdown probably don't provide the complete documentation!
== Development
Just clone the git repository as described in doc/ and you are good to go. You
probably want to install `rake` so that you can use the provided rake tasks. Aside from that:
* The +tidy+ binary needs to be installed for the automatically derived tests to work.
* The +latex+ binary needs to be installed for the latex-compilation tests to work.
== License
GPLv3 - see the COPYING file.