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Rinda lets you set up a “distributed blackboard”, a bucket that network clients can write objects to and take objects from. That’s it – the rest is up to your imagination.

Rinda Documentation


    ri DRb.start_service
    ri Rinda::TupleSpaceProxy


    require 'rinda/rinda'
    MY_URI = "druby://"
    space =, MY_URI))
    space.write(["foo", "bar"])
    key, value = space.take([/foo/, nil])

Sample Scripts

Run test_server.rb, then any combination of clients and agents.

Make sure to pass druby://HOST.IP.ADDRESS:PORT as the first command line to each script. druby:// is fine if you’re only talking to the local host, but if you want to connect to remotely, you must specify druby:// both on the client and itself. (dRuby seems to want the actual IP, not “localhost” or “”.)

You’ll need some gems installed for certain scripts:

    sudo gem install babble
    sudo gem install wxruby
    sudo gem install midiator