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This file contains some things that might happen in RDoc, or might not. Forward Looking Statements applies.

  • Update LICENSE to match ruby's switch

  • Reload the RDoc tree from an RI store

    • Re-run generators

    • Parse only changed files (like in ruby)

  • Page of Glory (or Shame) in HTML output showing documentation coverage statistics.

  • Link to the parent-class implementation of methods that use super

  • Add direct accessor to RDoc::Options to RDoc::Task

  • Remove “Public” in HTML output if there are only public methods

  • Method markup support for rd documentation (per rd syntax)

  • Improve SIGINFO handling

  • Global variable support

  • Page support for ri

  • Provide the code_object to directive handlers

  • Add markup parser documentation to DEVELOPERS.rdoc


API changes to RDoc

  • Remove global state

  • Remove RDoc::RDocError

  • RDoc::TopLevel#add_method should automatically create the appropriate method class rather than requiring one be passed in.

  • Remove #comment= from Context subclasses in favor of #add_comment

  • RDoc::CodeObject

    • Move into own namespace

    • Rename TopLevel to File

    • Rename Context to Container

    • Rename NormalClass to Class

Crazy Ideas

* Auto-normalize heading levels to look OK.  It's weird to see an <h1> in
  the middle of a method section.