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# Copyright (C) 2011 Urabe, Shyouhei. All rights reserved.
# This file is a part of the programming language Ruby. Permission is hereby
# granted, to either redistribute or modify this file, provided that the
# conditions mentioned in the file COPYING are met. Consult the file for
# details.
# This is a Travis-CI build configuration file. The list of configurations
# available is located in
# and as Ruby itself is a project written in C language,
# is also a good place to look at.
# Language specification.
language: c
# Compilers. Several compilers are provided in Travis, so we try them all.
# The value set here is visible via $CC environment variable.
- gcc
- clang
# Dependencies. Some header files are missing in a Travis' worker VM, so we
# have to install them. The "1.9.1" here is OK. It is the most adopted
# version string for Debian/Ubuntu, and no dependencies have been changed so
# far since the 1.9.1 release.
- "sudo apt-get -qq update"
- "sudo apt-get -qq install $CC" # upgrade if any
install: "sudo apt-get -qq build-dep ruby1.9.1 2>/dev/null"
# Script is where the test runs. Note we just do "make test", not other tests
# like test-all, test-rubyspec. This is because they take too much time,
# enough for Travis to shut down the VM as being stalled.
- "make -f BASERUBY=ruby srcdir=. update-config_files"
- "autoconf"
- "mkdir config_1st config_2nd"
- "./configure -C --with-gcc=$CC"
- "cp -pr config.status .ext/include config_1st"
- "make reconfig"
- "cp -pr config.status .ext/include config_2nd"
- "diff -ru config_1st config_2nd"
- "make -sj encs"
- "make -sj exts"
- "make test OPTS=-v"
# - "make test-all TESTS='-v'"
# Branch matrix. Not all branches are Travis-ready so we limit branches here.
- trunk
- ruby_1_9_3
# We want to be notified when something happens.
- ""
- ""
on_success: change # [always|never|change] # default: always
on_failure: change # [always|never|change] # default: always
- "%{message} by @%{author}: See %{build_url}"
# Update ruby-head installed on Travis CI so other projects can test against it.
- ""
on_success: always
on_failure: never
# Local Variables:
# mode: YAML
# coding: utf-8-unix
# indent-tabs-mode: nil
# tab-width: 4
# fill-column: 79
# default-justification: full
# End:
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