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== 1.3.5
- Add config.webserver to give choices for which lightweight Java
webserver is used in an executable war.
- Add jenkins-ci.winstone and jetty as embeddable servers
- #76, #81: fix rubyzip "can't modify frozen string" issue
== 1.3.4
- #77, #78: Handle the case when multiple gems exists in a git path
(Patrick Cheng)
- #66: On Windows, File#unlink does not delete the file like it does
on POSIX (Greg Mefford)
- Check config/environment.rb in addition to production.rb for
threadsafe (Joe Kutner)
- #37, #64: Fix issues with Bundler and recent Rubygems/Rails
== 1.3.3
- Note: 1.3.3 was YANKED due to #62
- Move all jars to WEB-INF/lib, and leave an empty jar in the original
- Deal with private Kernel#gem method in recent RubyGems
- Deal with Gem::Specification#full_gem_path changes in RG 1.8.x
- GH #42: Tricks to allow Bundler to find git repo gems even when they
are excluded form production
== 1.3.2
- Compatibility with rake 0.9.x, avoid deprecation warnings and deal
with new FileList exclusion behavior
- Exclude config.bundle_without groups properly
== 1.3.1
- Pin rake version to ~> 0.8.7 for now. Rake 0.9.0 compatibility will
follow in a future release.
== 1.3.0
- Warbler can now package regular Ruby projects as executable jar
files. See the README.rdoc file for details.
- WARBLER-18: Heed BUNDLE_GEMFILE in environment
- WARBLER-17: Allow config.excludes to work for files in public/
- GH#3, #12, #17: Properly bundle when BUNDLE_PATH is set or
--deployment flag is used
- JRUBY-5077, WARBLER-24: Gems from git repositories are now packaged
- GH#20: Ruby 1.9.2 support
- GH#8: Clean up compiled .class files after building war
- GH#15: Simplify detection of thread-safe Rails
== 1.2.1
- Add --directoryListings=false to Winstone launch by default. In some
cases (sinatra) Winstone's directory listing masks application
content. (Fletcher Nichol)
- Build and add META-INF/init.rb file into the war file. This is
recognized and loaded by JRuby-Rack 1.0.3 as a new way to do extra
environment initialization before the web framework is loaded. See
config.init_contents in Warbler::Config for details.
== 1.2.0
- Drop compatibility with earlier versions of Bundler -- Bundler has
changed a lot in a short period of time, so I'm expecting the number
of people depending on 0.8 or 0.9 to be small. Please use Warbler
1.2.0 with applications that depend on Bundler 1.0 or higher.
- Support for Bundler groups. The 'development' and 'test' groups are
excluded by default.
- Add 'compiled' feature: With this feature added to config.features
Warbler will pre-compile all Ruby files and will not ship the
original Ruby source in your war file.
- warble.rb: Add config.bundle_without that controls Bundler groups to
be skipped, like 'Bundler.settings.without'.
- warble.rb: Add config.compiled_ruby_files to specify which Ruby
files to compile when using the "compiled" feature. Defaults to
compiling all Ruby files.
- warble.rb: Add config.gem_excludes which allows exclusion of some
gem files from the war. Default assumes no exclusions.
- Exclude 'tmp/war' directory so that people upgrading from 0.9 won't
accidentally include it in their war file.
== 1.1.0
- Add concept of "features" -- small Rake tasks that run before the
creation of the war file and make manipulations to the war file
- Add 'gemjar' feature: Bundle all gems into a gems.jar to reduce the
number of files in the archive (mostly useful for Google AppEngine).
Usage: run "warble gemjar war" or set config.features = %w(gemjar) in
warble.rb to use this feature.
- Add 'executable' feature: Bundle an embedded web server in the war
file so that the entire application can be run as
'java -jar myapp.war'.
Usage: run "warble executable war" or set config.features = %w(executable)
in warble.rb to use this feature.
To see embedded webserver options, add '--help' to the 'java -jar'
command line.
- No longer embed in web.xml as 'rackup' parameter by
default. Instead, is included in the war file.
- Bump jruby-rack version requirement to 0.9.8.
== 1.0.3
- Tracking recent Bundler changes - handle locked Gemfiles differently
than unlocked ones
- Handle file-based symlinks, and warn about inoperational directory
symlinks under non-JRuby versions of Ruby.
== 1.0.2
- Add 'warble pluginize' task back. This task now just creates a
vendor/plugins/warbler/tasks/warbler.rake file. There's no need to
"vendor" all of Warbler into your application anymore.
== 1.0.1
- Fix careless bug where Warbler doesn't work with JRuby 1.4
== 1.0
- Warbler hits 1.0! There are enough structural changes in Warbler
that I feel it's time to roll the major version over to 1.0.
- Add support for Bundler. Detect Gemfiles, make sure gems are
included in the war file and rewrite .bundle/environment.rb inside
the war file.
- Warbler now uses RubyZip to create the war file in-place, without
copying files to a tmp/war staging area. When run in JRuby it uses a
Java ZipOutputStream for a modest performance boost.
- Add config option to allow override of gem_home (Daniel Harrington).
- Stop bundling jruby-rack, as promised.
- WARBLER-3: don't add from Rails config.gems if they are frozen
- WARBLER-7: Add config.webinf_files option with more support for
custom web.xml files
== 0.9.14
- So, jruby-rack is bundled for one more release. 1.0 will not contain
any jar files, I promise!
- Upgraded jruby-rack to 0.9.5.
- Unbundled jruby-complete jar in favor of new jruby-jars gem, which
can be upgraded separately.
- Skip gems which have no loaded_from attribute set
(this happened with the Authlogic gem on Edge Rails)
(thanks Laszlo Bacsi)
== 0.9.13
- RailsConf 2009 edition.
- Only bundled JRuby and JRuby-Rack upgrades. Bug fixes will have to come in 0.9.14.
- This should also be the last release with bundled JRuby and JRuby-Rack.
- Upgrade to JRuby 1.3.0RC1 and JRuby-Rack 0.9.4. The latter allows
Rails 2.3 to work with Warbler.
== 0.9.12
- Allow framework auto-detection to be disabled. Set
`Warbler.framework_detection = false' at the top of config/warble.rb
or uncomment the line from a newly generated config.
- Add configuration option to set manifest file (thanks Tommy McGuire)
- Mitigate RubyGems 1.3 compatibility issue (thanks Jens Norrgrann)
- Add experimental `war:exploded` task. This allows you to deploy your
application in an exploded mode, thus allowing continual development
without re-warring and re-deploying. Feedback is appreciated if you
try this feature; it may not work in all application servers and for
applications other than Rails.
- Handle Rails gem dependencies better (thanks Laszlo Bacsi)
- Auto-detect Merb dependencies (Merb >= 1.0 only). Please give
feedback if you try Warbler with a Merb 1.0 app.
- Ignore gem development dependencies
- Upgrade to JRuby 1.1.6 and JRuby-Rack 0.9.3
== 0.9.11
- Auto-detect Rails and Merb and configure appropriately
- For Rails, set rails booter, determine max runtimes based on Rails.configuration.threadsafe!,
add Rails gem, detect Rails version, set gems to be packaged based on
Rails.configuration.gems if available
- Rails gems only added if Rails application detected
- For Merb, set merb booter automatically
- Auto-detect rackup script and pass it into config.webxml.rackup
- rails.env now commented by default in config/warble.rb and internally default
the value to 'production'
- Default directories in config.dirs to only those that are found to be present
- Allow config.gems array to contain regexps and Gem::Dependency objects as well
(assist from Jani Soila)
- Fix bug ensuring you can += and -= for config.gems
- Upgrade to JRuby 1.1.4 and JRuby-Rack 0.9.2
- add [] as a way to specify non-identifier keys, example: config.webxml['!@#$%^'] = 'haha'
== 0.9.10
- Upgraded to JRuby-Rack 0.9.1. Fixes JRUBY-2620, JRUBY-2594, JRUBY-2507.
- Now verified to work with Camping and Sinatra. See for examples
of how to configure Warbler to package your Camping and Sinatra apps.
- Upgraded to JRuby 1.1.3.
- Log files are no longer packaged in the .war file.
- Fix #<Warbler::WebxmlOpenStruct ...> appearing in web.xml and document workarounds.
- Add config.autodeploy_dir that, when specified, will create the war there.
== 0.9.9
- Now shipping with JRuby-Rack 0.9!
- Upgrade to JRuby 1.1.1
- warble.rb and web.xml.erb have changed as a result of the change to JRuby-Rack -- we
recommend comparing the new base copies with any existing configuration you have to
make sure you pick up the differences.
- Config changes:
-- config.webxml.booter chooses what kind of application to use (:rails, :merb or plain :rack).
-- config.webxml.pool.* have been replaced by config.webxml.jruby.(min|max).runtimes
-- config.webxml.standalone and config.webxml.jruby_home no longer have any effect.
== 0.9.5
- Fix bug in plugin warbler.rake task file that would favor loading warbler from gems before the version
installed as a plugin
- Upgrade to JRuby 1.1 final and Goldspike 1.6.1
== 0.9.4
- Update bundled JRuby to 1.1RC3 and Goldspike to 1.6.
- Fix inclusion of gems with platform-specific bits (e.g., Hpricot)
== 0.9.3
- Update bundled JRuby to 1.1RC2, and Goldspike to 1.5.
- The bundled JRuby and Goldspike now require JDK 5 or greater. If you wish to use JDK 1.4, use Warbler 0.9.2.
== 0.9.2
- Update bundled JRuby to version 1.0.3 and Goldspike 1.4.
- Add config.java_classes to allow you to copy loose Java classes into WEB-INF/classes.
- Make jar command a single command string so that jar creation doesn't fail (works around bug in JRuby 1.0.2)
- Use File.join to form staging directory, should produce the proper jar-command path in Windows
== 0.9.1
- Add rake >= 0.7.3 as a dependency in the gem specification.
- Add debug tasks: war:debug, war:debug:gems, war:debug:public, war:debug:app, war:debug:includes,
war:debug:excludes, war:debug:java_libs gives you a breakdown of what Warbler expects to package.
== 0.9
- Birthday! Warbler is a gem to make a .war file out of a Rails project. The intent is to provide a
minimal, flexible, ruby-like way to bundle up all of your application files for deployment to a
Java application server.
- Bundled versions: goldspike-1.4-SNAPSHOT and jruby-complete-1.0.1
- Works as both a gem (rake application) or a plugin