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layout: main
title: Head.JS, the only script in your HEAD
<div itemprop="description">
<div class="intro">
HeadJS, a small library for Responsive Design, Feature Detections & Resource Loading
<h2>When you need a quick cross-browser compatible hand, don't bang your head. HeadJS is here to help you out !</h2>
<li>Speed up your apps: Load JS & CSS asyncronously and in parallel, but execute them in order</li>
<li>Load one asset if a condition is met, else fallback and load a different one</li>
<li>Manage script dependencies, and execute callbacks once they are loaded</li>
<li>Cross-browser compatible &laquo; pseudo media-queries &raquo; let you code against different resolutions & devices</li>
<li>Fix quirks in specific browsers by quickly applying dedicated CSS/JS logic</li>
<li>Detect various browsers & their versions</li>
<li>Check if the client supports a certain Browser, HTML5, or CSS3 feature</li>
<li>Automatically generates JS and CSS classes for browsers & features that where detected</li>
<li>Automatically generates CSS classes, to know what page or section a user is viewing</li>
<li>Know if the user is in landscape or portrait mode</li>
<li>Or whether the client is using a mobile or desktop device</li>
<li>Get old browsers to support HTML5 elements like nav, sidebar, header, footer, ...</li>
<strong>Make it, The only script in your &lt;HEAD&gt;</strong>
<li><em>A concise solution to universal problems</em></li>
<h3>Your imagination, Your limit</h3>
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<h2 >Responsive Design (Think @media-queries, and more)</h2>
<div class="intro">
Achieve responsive design with CSS that targets different screen resolutions, paths, states and browsers.
<div class="code-example" data-title="head.responsive()">
<p>Need to display an element at a specific screen size ? </p>
{% highlight js %}
/* JS */
if (head.screen.innerWidth > 800) {
document.getElementById("#side-menu").style.display = "block";
/* CSS */
.gt-800 #side-menu {
display: block;
{% endhighlight %}
<p>As you can see above, if you can write it in CSS, you can usually also write it in JavaScript.</p>
<div class="code-example" data-title="Built in">
mobile, desktop, landscape, portrait, touch, viewport height, viewport width, screen height, screen width, browser height, browser width, browser name (ie, chrome, ff, ios, android, webkit, opera), browser version, current folder, current page
<h2>Feature Detections (Like Modernizr. Just smaller, and simpler)</h2>
<div class="intro">
Detect various browsers and their features. Target HTML5 and CSS3 safely.
<div class="code-example" data-title="head.feature()">
<p>What about custom detections and device/browser features ?</p>
{% highlight css %}
/* Add a custom feature yourself */
head.feature("member", true);
/* Now use it */
if (head.member) {
document.querySelector(".member-menu").style.display = "block";
.member-menu {
display: block;
/* Use built-in detections*/
/* if the browser supports CSS3 box-shadow */
if (head.boxshadow) {
document.querySelector(".member-menu").style.boxShadow = "3px 3px 3px black";
/* if the browser supports CSS3 box-shadow */
.boxshadow .member-menu {
box-shadow: 3px 3px 3px black;
{% endhighlight %}
<p>We have a bunch of features detections built in, and if that's not enough, simply create one yourself !</p>
<h2>Resource Loading (Direct or Conditional)</h2>
<div class="intro">
Manage your library's dependencies. Load JavaScript and StyleSheets in parallel but execute them in the correct order.
<div class="code-example" data-title="head.load()">
<p>Need to quickly load a JS or CSS file ?</p>
{% highlight js %}
// Load up some JS
head.load("jQuery.js", function() {
// Call a function when done
console.log("Done loading jQuery");
// Load up some CSS
{% endhighlight %}
<h4>How about something crazy like</h4>
<p>On DocumentReady, if the user is using IE8, you need to load 2 scripts, or otherwise load a different script, then wait for them to finish loading, then fire a callback, and then load/apply a stylesheet ? Yeah right..</p>
{% highlight js %}
// head.ready(document, callback)
// head.test(test, success, failure, callback)
head.ready(document, function() {
( && head.browser.version === 8),
["file1.js", "file2.js"],
function() {
// run callback
{% endhighlight %}
<p>Of course you can use each of those functions (ready, test, load) individually too.</p>
<div class="intro">
<strong>Make it the only script in your HEAD.</strong>
&laquo; A concise solution to universal problems &raquo;
{% include sections/download.html %}