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1.0.3 (2013-11-22)
- New: Timeout added to resource loading
- New: CSS callbacks now executed for all browsers
- New: Changed how file extensions are parsed for detecting css files
- in the future, we will need to add a way to supply a filetype when loading resources via scripts like: style.aspx, style.php
- Fix: Array loading & trigger not functioning correctly on old browsers
- Fix: ready() sometimes does not trigger if assets are loaded too fast
1.0.2 (2013-11-13)
- Fix: no-js class not being removed
1.0.1 (2013-11-05)
- Fix: Old IE's can trigger ready too soon
1.0.0 (2013-11-04)
- New: Detect Windows 8 Mobile (Surface RT/Pro), IE11, Kindle, and other Android devices
- New: Add Browser & Version CSS no matter what browser breakpoints are configured
- Example: .ff .ff20
- There is no need to cycle through all browser versions in 90% of cases
- Makes it possible to work without any breakpoints at all
- New: Improved CSS Router
- New: Added "main" HTML5 element to shim
- New: Enable/Disable HTML5 Shim in head_conf
- New: Load files from Array of Files or Array of Labels
- head.load(["file1", "file2"], callBack);
- head.load([{ label1: "file1" }, { label2: "file2" }], callBack);
- New: Possibility to wait for multiple labels or files
- head.ready(["label1", "label2"], callBack);
- head.ready(["file1.js", "file2.js"], callBack);
- New: Load file via data attribute on HeadJS script tag
- data-headjs-load="configuration.js"
- New: Source map files have been added for all minified JS files
- Fix: Prevent loading empty strings
- Fix: CSS classes getting bigger on successive resizes under Chrome
- Fix: Invalid regular expression for CSS detection
- Fix: callback failing to trigger under certain cirumstances
- Divers: Changed window.frameElement detection
- Divers: Cleaned up a bunch of syntaxt to conform to JSHint
- Now using a very strict .jshintrc
- Divers: Added missing .gitattributes
0.99 (2012-11-15)
- Load: Fixed regression in IE6, caused by IE10 fix
- Load: CSS loading seems to work in all browsers.
- However a few will not trigger the callback. Over 90% do.
- Either don't use it, or only load css in situations when you don't need the callback triggered.
- Load: Conditional loading with head.test() now in evaluation phase
- try it, but don't rely on it yet
- head.test(bool, "ok.js", "failed.js", callback)
- All: CDN is now availiable thanks to:
- Info in download section on main site
- Unit Tests
- Integrated with main site so that everyone can participate
- They have also been hooked up to automatically report stats back to
0.98 (2012-11-09)
- Load: Fixed loading bug in IE10
- Load: Corrected some issues with loading from inside <head>
- Load: Rewrite of large parts of code base
- Started to massively document the sourcecode :)
- Css3: moved "touch" detection from core to here
- Css3: added "retina" detection
- Css3: replaced "font-face" detection that was using "Conditional Comments" with simplisitc browser version detection
- Core: Added gt, gte, lte, eq classes to width detection (lt existed already)
- Core: Added gt, gte, lt, lte, eq classes for browser vendor & version detection
- By default only lt/gt classes are activated
- You can of course configure to your likings via head_conf
0.97a (2012-10-20)
- Updated QUnit & got unit tests running again
- Swictched to "use strict"
- Fixed up some variable usage
- Added browser detections other than just for ie-lt
- updated browser regexes (firefox, safari, opera, ios, android, webkit)
- detect if browser is: desktop, mobile, touch enabled
- detect portrait/landscape mode
- html5 shim now only triggers on ie-lt9
- added a throttle to onResize, since some browsers fire tons of events/sec
- added corrected height/width measurements, but only exposed via new object: head.screen
- contains height/width, innerHeight/innerWidth, outerHeight/outerWidth
- force all css router names to lowercase just in case ppl try typing in names with wierd casings