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-# Note: This project is unmaintained. See projects like [Modernizr](, [RequireJS](, and [Yeoman]( for the current state of the art in web application development.
+_**Hello everyone,**_
+This project may have been sitting idle for the last year or so, but i [Robert]( have just gotten the green light from [Tipiirai]( to try and keep the project alive together with [Paul](
+There will be a few questions to work out, but i think that [Head.JS]( still solves some basic problems that many users are experiencing. Especially in the Enterprise, where we must support obsolete browsers while at the same time moving forward with our time.
+1. Feature detection
+ * This area seems well covered by [Modernizr](
+2. Script loading
+ * This area also seems well covered by libraries like [YepNope.JS]( or [Require.JS](
+ * [YepNope.JS]( can by the way be bundled into [Modernizr](
+3. Responsive design
+ * [Head.JS]( handles this very well through css classes
+ * But there are other solutions like [Respond.JS]( that work well too.
+4. Browser detection
+5. Plug browser quirks
+Since points 1 & 2 seem pretty well covered, going forward we will need to decide if those functionalities should be removed or not from [Head.JS](, to be able to concentrate on the points that [Head.JS]( handles well: 3-5
+If you're like me, and need to support browsers like IE6+, FF2+, and think head.js does a great job emulating responsive design, while letting you plug the odd bugs and quirks of your least favorite browsers...
+_**then stay tuned :)**_

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