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The only script in your HEAD.
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Head JS

This project was never announced. git push and it was all viral.


  • Load scripts and css on demand
  • Achieve responsive design with CSS that targets different screen reolutions, paths, states and browsers
  • Detect various browsers and their features
  • Target HTML5 and CSS3 safely
  • Make it the only script in your HEAD
  • A concise solution to universal problems



0.99 / 2012-11-15

- Load: Fixed regression in IE6, caused by IE10 fix
- Load: CSS loading seems to work in all browsers.
    - However a few will not trigger the callback. Over 90% do.
    - For now only load css in situations where you don't need the callback triggered.
- Load: Conditional loading with head.test() now in evaluation phase
    - try it, but don't rely on it yet
    - head.test(bool, "ok.js", "failed.js", callback)
- All: CDN is now availiable thanks to:
    - Info in download section on main site
- Unit Tests
    - Integrated with main site so that everyone can participate
    - They have also been hooked up to automatically report stats back to

v0.98 / 2012-11-09

- Load: Fixed loading bug in IE10
- Load: Corrected some issues with loading from inside <head>
- Load: Rewrite of large parts of code base
  - Started to massively document the sourcecode :)
- Load: Test Only (css loading)
  - You can now load CSS files with head.load("somefile.css")
  - Consider this as under testing
  - head.load is an alias to head.js
- Css3: moved "touch" detection from core to here
- Css3: added "retina" detection
- Css3: replaced "font-face" detection that was using "Conditional Comments" with simplisitc browser version detection
- Core: Added gt, gte, lte, eq classes to width detection (lt existed already)
- Core: Added gt, gte, lt, lte, eq classes for browser vendor & version detection
- By default only lt/gt classes are activated
  - You can of course configure to your likings via head_conf

RoadMap (v1.0 / v2.0) 2012-11-06

- Conditional Loader
  - head.test(bool, success, failure, callback)
- Resource Loading
  - head.load(somefile.js , callback)
  - head.load(somefile.css, callback)
- Advanced Responsive Design
  - Take into account browsers min/max versions & height/width pseudo media queries (lt, lte, eq, gt, gte)
  - .ie-lt6, .ff-gte17, .w-lt1024, .h-gte800
- Inverse naming conventions for readability & to be able to programatically inject values more easily
  - .no-box-shadow -> .box-shadow-true/false
    - jQuery(selector).addClass("box-shadow-" + head.features.boxShadow)
    - class="localStorage-<%= bool.toString().toLower() %>"
  - .no-ie -> .ie-true/false
  - .index-page -> .page-index
- Advanced Configuration  
  - Expose a maximum of functionalty through head_conf, so you only get the functionality you actually require
    - Enable/Disable lt/gt class generation
    - Enable/Disable height/width support
    - Configure custom height/width/browser breakpoints 
    - ..etc
- Remove tests from css3.js and let users "roll their own"
  - 80% of css related tests are probably irrevelant anyways
    - For things like border-radius & the likes everyone uses gracefull degradation with their css anyways ..right ? :)
- Renaming files
  - head.responsive.js (can be used standalone)
    - old core.js with a few additions from css3.js so we can externalise the test suite
  - head.load.js (can be used standalone)
    - old load.js
  - head.features.js (MUST be used with head.responsive.js)
    - old css3.js, but now only integrates actual tests   
- Revamped website with Twitter Bootstrap
  - Make the site a tad more ergonomic to navigate
  - Expose unit tests & advanced documentation directly in site
  - Custom "roll-your-own" builder
  - Integrate website with gh-pages for quicker deploy

How much of this roadmap will end up in the current version of head.js, i don't know yet.

  • Most likely when v1.0 comes out, it will have a good part of the above functioanlity included while at the same time preserving the existing api syntax.
    • Like this, those that already depend on HeadJS get no breaking changes.
  • At the same time there will probably be a v2.0 release that uses the above syntax, and be the defacto version for future development.

P.S. 70% of the preliminary work mentioned above is already done :)

v0.97a / 2012-10-20

- Updated QUnit &amp; got unit tests running again
- Swictched to "use strict"
- Fixed up some variable usages
- Added browser detections other than just for ie-lt
- updated browser regexes (firefox, safari, opera, ios, android, webkit)
- detect if browser is: desktop, mobile, touch enabled
- detect portrait/landscape mode
- html5 shim now only triggers on ie-lt9
- added a throttle to onResize, since some browsers fire tons of events/sec
- added corrected height/width measurements, but only exposed via new object: head.screen
  - contains height/width, innerHeight/innerWidth, outerHeight/outerWidth
- forced all css router names to lowercase just in case ppl type in url's with wierd casings
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