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Community builds of Visual Studio Code for Chromebooks and Raspberry Pi
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headmelted Update
Adding -L option to curl to support redirects
Latest commit 38e4efe Dec 10, 2019


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docs Update Dec 10, 2019
overlays Update gulpfile.vscode.js Dec 9, 2019
pipelines Update build-all.yml Dec 9, 2019
.gitignore Switching to new patch-based solution, with cobbler Jun 9, 2017
LICENSE.txt Add range on the copyright year Jan 12, 2017
build.bat Renaming from Cobbler to Archie Oct 15, 2018 Update Dec 9, 2019
cobbler Updating packages Oct 16, 2018
codebuilds.gpg Updating debian postinst to set repo on install Jun 10, 2017 Create Feb 15, 2019
merger_rsa.enc Updating merge key May 24, 2017 Update Nov 5, 2019
tmpdir.js Create tmpdir.js Feb 17, 2019
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