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this title emphasizes how stupid the fix for opus on mac and linux was


  • Fixed opus files not loading on Mac and Linux
  • Fixed random crashing on Linux when selecting a character
  • Added AO2XP updater that checks for client updates at startup
    • Pulls the latest release from this page.
    • Automatic update checking can be deactivated in the Options menu.
    • The update is installed through another executable called "AO2XPupdat".
  • Removed sfx-notguilty.wav from the included download
    • Instead sfx-notguilty.opus is used from the vanilla AO content
  • Added "reload audio system" button on Audio options, useful when changing audio devices
  • /pos command is now hardcoded in the client for old habits that die hard
  • Backgrounds that are not 256x192 are scaled to fit
  • Fix bug where WTCE and modcall sounds were in full volume upon connecting to a server
  • Options window is now a bit larger in size
  • OOC chat input box is slightly less wide so it doesn't go behind musiclist box in certain OS'es
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This update adds some of the latest AO 2.8 and AO 2.9 features to the AO2XP client, as well as some missed out features and many bug fixes.

This release also includes two extras: experimental macOS and Linux builds!... with a few notes to their workings.
You need Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or newer to run the macOS build.
You need Ubuntu 18.04 or newer to run the Linux build, although you're welcome to try with an older version if you wish.

macOS/Linux build notes

  • OPUS sound files may not play
  • On Linux, there is a 50/50 hit or miss chance that the game freezes after you select a character, leaving you no option but to close it
  • Some of the UI elements, most notably ingame, may have their text overlapping others, due to the font size differences

If these notes dissuade you, you can always use the Windows build with Wine.

AO2XP 1.5 features:

  • If the server has its' own webAO data URL, it will prioritize that one for content downloads over the default one
  • Client will now identify as "AO2XP" on servers instead of an unrealistic version of AO2
  • "AO2XP: servername" on titlebar

Late AO features:

  • Added 'deskmod' feature for servers that support it: toggles bench visibility in your courtroom position

AO 2.8 features:

  • Added support for benches on all court sides
  • Added SP#% packet for changing court position (by using the position dropdown list)

AO 2.9 features:

  • Added BB#% packet for message pop-ups
  • Added AUTH#% packet for telling your login status on OOC chat
  • Added vertical offsetting on pairing (only on servers that support it)
  • Added support for blip sound files placed in the "sounds/blips" folder


  • Fixed bug where a muted character still showed on-screen (but not their message)
  • Fixed bug where symbols like #, &, $ and % on evidence name/description would be sent in their exact unescaped form, causing issues
  • Fixed bug where selecting a different character on the character selection screen, while iniswapped, did not set the AO2XP theme
  • Missing contents' directories (e.g. characters) are no longer created even if you disable it to be downloaded
  • Fixed lobby chat and refresh buttons
  • By default, character slots are assumed to be non-taken unless the server sends the CharsCheck#% packet. This (hopefully) fixes connecting to servers running AOLS2
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  • fix some dumb mistakes on options menu when editing showname and callwords
  • fix insane download speed when resuming vanilla download
  • add options in Audio tab to set default volumes when connecting
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little changelog:

  • AO 2.8 features
    • effects, screenshake, additive text, pair ordering, opus, webp, apng
  • huge stability and crash fixes
  • autodownload vanilla AO content if you don't have it
    • resume where it left off if your internet dies or you cancel it