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Welcome to the AEM Tooling for IntelliJ IDEA Plugin Wiki

This wiki page is here to share project related information and plugin versions.


The current branch is back to master with many bug fixes and an updated documentation. This release introduces the possibility to override the OSGi Symbolic Name as the Maven Felix Plugin sometimes messes up that name. With that it also supports non-Maven projects which work for OSGi bundles if a project is used that creates a Jar file in the output local. This was tested with JetBrains' Osmorc plugin. Keep in mind that content will be deployed but IntelliJ has no concept of a ZIP archive as output and so it will not create a Sling Package ZIP file.


Please report any issues, feedback or enhancements in the Issues section. Until the final release the release number is included in the Plugin Name (AEM ( For now we do not have an automated testing in IntelliJ and with that things can easy get out whack due to our own development and sometimes because of new releases.

Lately there are some issues reported that are hard to track down as Java / IntelliJ is cross platform. It would help if any reporter could attach the (last section of the) IntelliJ Log file (idea.log) to help us investigate the issue. This link shows how to find the log file.



  • If a project is started with a Run / Debug Connection deadlock is fixed and so the automatic start of a connection at project load can be used again.
  • A fix for an issues related to a Class Not Found Exception for the ConsoleLog.

Release: ZIP File of 0.7.2 on Dropbox


  • Fixed an issue where the Plugin tried to connect to the repository during incremental deployment even when the connection was stopped
  • Fixed an issue when the Plugin tried to compile even though there was not configuration (non AEM / Sling project)
  • Added the 'Filter is generated' flag to the Sling Module Facet. With that it is possible to verify a project without having a filter.xml file. It is important though that the filter.xml file is available in the designated META-INF/vault folder at the time of the deployment.

Attention: there are method signature changes required by IntelliJ IDEA 2016.2.2. If you are using older version please report any issues regarding wrong method signatures.

Release: ZIP File of 0.7.1 on Dropbox


  • Forced Deployment will Purge Cache first so that both have the same effect locally
  • Implemented Install Button in Server Configuration to install Support Bundle
  • Made General Plugin Configuration persistent.
  • Added a check to the Run Connection so that if the user changes the Server Configuration the cache will be automatically purged so that the next deployed will push all of it.
  • The Debug Connection is now also doing a Verification and Server Configuration change check like the Run Connection.
  • The Jar File validator on the Facet is now working properly.
  • Exported the Background task execution into its own utility method.
  • Added a Dialog to the Possible Symbolic Name Mismatch so that further warnings can be ignored.
  • When a new module is created the module is automatically verified. This will also create the list of modules and updates the tree.
  • Fixed a NPE when the Plugin Preferences Configuration is not created

Release: ZIP File of 0.7.0 on Dropbox

  • Dropped the SNAPSHOT from the version.
  • Started to work on a better Module handling to unify all the various modules (IntelliJ Project Modules, Maven Project and Server Configuration Module).
  • Added to support for an override of the Bundle Symbolic Name as Felix is renaming them sometimes and porting all OSGi configuration for non-Maven OSGi bundles to the Facet to work with any OSGi configurations and not just Osmorc.
  • Made the Server Configuration Verification Action available for any selected Server Configuration and let it run in the Foreground to allow for user interactions.
  • Moving most of the static text into the Resource Bundle including Debug messages.
  • Fixed an issue with the Sling Module Builder which was renamed.
  • Fixed an issue where in the latest IntelliJ the Plugin Settings will not show in the settings.
  • Fixed an issue with the Debug Mode as it cannot run in the background.
  • Updated the Documentation to this release and added new topics like Sling Module Facets etc.

Note: I rebuild the plugin 4/5/2016 to correct the version number in the plugin's name and built from master branch.

Release: ZIP File of on Dropbox Make it work with IntelliJ 2016.1.0. Added the cancel action to the toolbar to stop background actions. Fixed an issue with IntelliJ 14 which failed to find components / services if on application level.

Release: ZIP File of on Dropbox All but Dialog Actions were move into the background which is done in the base class so the Actions don't need to do anything special. Added a better way to handle process indicators that also deals with no indicator and handles the nesting easier as it automates the pops.

Release: ZIP File of on Dropbox Fixed an issue with the entire Module build which led to deadlocks. Also removed some debug statements that could disable the Plugin. For now the usage of non-Maven based project is discouraged as IntelliJ has no concept of a ZIP file based module.

Release: ZIP File of on Dropbox Non-Maven OSGi modules should build now. There is a fix for any OSGi module as the deployment of Maven OSGi modules failed silently to deploy. This is fixed and if the build file is not present an alert is shown. There is also a fix for Maven modules where the Module Name and the Maven Artifact Id did not match as it is now looking at the parent folder to find a match.

Release: ZIP File of on Dropbox Added support for non-Maven based project. In order to support these types of projects you need to use two facets. For OSGi modules you need to use the "Osmorc" plugin to setup the OSGi Facet and for Content Modules you need to setup the Sling Content Facet and specify the Content and META-INF root folder. For now only the IntelliJ Plugin Osmorc is supported for non-Maven OSGi bundles.

Release: ZIP File of on Dropbox This release makes the deployment wait until the Maven Build for OSGi bundles is over. In addition the toolbar is locked while any action is executed so that background tasks like the Maven Build cannot be intercepted. Finally the build also addresses an issue with AEM DAM Workflows could interfere with deployments of DAM Assets. The plugin will place the push of the /renditions/original nodes to the end.

Release: ZIP File of on Dropbox This release contains a fix for the Maven Build execution for OSGi Bundles. Now the build is executed in the background and the action waits until it is finished before installing the OSGi Bundle in AEM.

Release: ZIP File of on Dropbox This releases contains the refactored Resource Change Command Factory which is made IDE independent. The UI and handling did not change. This release also contains a fix for mysterious failures to upload Renditions files.

Release: ZIP File of on Dropbox

0.6 Beta 3: This releases focuses on the proper handling of Windows paths.

Release: ZIP File of 0.6 Beta 3 on Dropbox

Installation Documentation

The installation documentation and user manual can be found here:

Documentation Folder

The markdown file (.md) is the source and the PDF is a rendered, 1-page version of it. The Installation instructions are up to date but the screenshots of the plugin are somewhat outdated.