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What is AEM Solr Search?

AEM Solr Search is an open source reference integration between AEM and Apache Solr. It allows content authors and developers to build rapid front-end search interfaces easily.


Getting Started

  1. Clone this project.

     $ git clone
  2. Follow in the project root.


2.0.0 Demo

1.0.4 (legacy) Demo

An Example Integration

We (headwire) had the pleasure of speaking at CIRCUIT 2016 on a new architecture for indexing AEM content and external content using ActiveMQ, Apache Camel and Solr. Our slides are available on SlideShare. The demo code for indexing both products and AEM content are available on GitHub.

Watch the demo on Youtube.

Next Steps

After completing the Getting Started section, the following guides should be consulted.

  1. Architecture Overview
  2. Deploying AEM Solr Search
  3. Extending AEM Solr Search

Project Roadmap


  • Surface the score and explain pseudo fields in the search results component for relevancy tuning
  • Provide a generic indexing OSGi interface/abstract bundle
  • Provide a document processing framework and indexing implementation
  • Provide a new product-based reference site.
    • Develop a Solr configuration designed around product relevancy
  • Integrate other contributions from AEM Solr Search forks (TBD)


  • Redesign the client-side implementation (i.e., move away from AJAX Solr).

Related Projects

  1. [Infield Solr Indexer] ( - An AEM UI extension for performing indexing operations.
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