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mandi Version 3.2.2

This is the home of the mandi LaTeX bundle for introductory physics. TeX Live includes mandi but not necessarily the latest version, which can always be found here.

Installation is best done using TeX Live, MacTeX, or MikTeX package managers. Users and package developers who want to manually install should fetch the file, and read the mandi.ins file for further instructions. The documentation is in the file and as long as the *.sty files have been unpacked there's really nothing more to do other than moving the files to a suitable location. Manual installation is basically a thing of the past.

This repository contains the following files:

  • .gitignore (list of files excluded from repo)
  • (changelog file)
  • NnnnnnnnCCPxx.tex (student template with setup instructions)
  • (GitHub repo description, this file)
  • mandi.dtx (full documented source for mandi.sty)
  • mandi.ins (installer file from mandi.dtx file)
  • mandi.pdf (full documentation)
  • mandi.sty (package file)
  • (CTAN package)
    • mandi.dtx (with certain parts stripped out)
    • mandiexp.dtx
    • mandistudent.dtx
    • mandi.ins
    • mandi.pdf
    • (not the one you are reading now)
  • mandiexp.dtx (full documented source for mandiexp.sty)
  • mandiexp.sty (package file)
  • mandistudent.dtx (full documented source for mandistudent.sty)
  • mandistudent.sty (package file)
  • (Overleaf package)
    • mandi.sty
    • mandiexp.sty
    • mandistudent.sty
    • mandi.pdf
    • NnnnnnnnCCPxx.tex

Students and Overleaf users should fetch the file and read the NnnnnnnnCCPxx.tex file for setup instructions.


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