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Software releases of the research group Heuristic and Evolutionary Algorithms Laboratory (HEAL), situated at the FH OÖ Hagenberg Campus.


  1. HeuristicLab HeuristicLab Public

    HeuristicLab - An environment for heuristic and evolutionary optimization

    C# 27 12

  2. SimSharp SimSharp Public

    Sim# is a .NET port of SimPy, process-based discrete event simulation framework

    C# 115 30

  3. operon operon Public

    C++ Large Scale Genetic Programming

    C++ 105 25

  4. TreesearchLib TreesearchLib Public

    A modeling framework for optimization problems and a collection of algorithms for finding solutions

    C# 6

  5. pyoperon pyoperon Public

    Python bindings and scikit-learn interface for the Operon library for symbolic regression.

    C++ 21 6

  6. HEAL.NonlinearRegression HEAL.NonlinearRegression Public

    Fit and evaluate nonlinear regression models.

    C# 3


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