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⛷️ in-memory-cache-over-http

My blog post: Cloning Memcached with Go

An in-memory key/value cache server over HTTP with no dependencies.

Keys and values are strings. Integer math can be applied in some situations (like Memcached does).

The caching method is Least Recently Used (LRU).


go get healeycodes/in-memory-cache-over-http


  • Set your PORT environmental variable.
  • Set APP_ENV to production to turn off logging.
  • Set SIZE to limit the number of key/value pairs, (0 is default - unlimited).
# Linux/macOS
export PORT=8000
export APP_ENV=production

# Command Prompt
set PORT=8000
set APP_ENV=production

# PowerShell
$env:PORT = "8000"
$env:APP_ENV = "production"
  • Run

go run .\main.go

  • Build

go build


Adding an expire parameter is always optional. Not setting it, or setting it to zero means that the key will not expire. It uses Unix time.

Example usage.

Set name to be Andrew with an expire time of 01/01/2030 @ 12:00am (UTC)

GET localhost:8000/set?key=name&value=Andrew&expire=1893456000 (204 status code)

Retrieve the value located at name.

GET localhost:8000/get?key=name (200 status code, body: Andrew)


Set (params: key, value, expire) /set

Set a key/value. Existing will be overwritten.

Get /get

Get a value from a key.

Delete (params: key) /delete

Delete a key.

CheckAndSet (params: key, value, expire, compare) /checkandset

Set a key/value if the current value at that key matches the compare.

If no existing key, set the key/value.

Increment (params: key, value, expire) /increment

Increment a value. Both the existing value and the new value amount should be integers.

If no existing key, set the key/value.

Decrement (params: key, value, expire) /decrement

Decrement a value. Both the existing value and the new value amount should be integers.

If no existing key, set the key/value.

Append (params: key, value, expire) /append

Concatenates the new value onto the existing.

If no existing key, set the key/value.

Prepend (params: key, value, expire) /prepend

Concatenates the existing value onto the new value.

If no existing key, set the key/value.

Flush /flush

Clear the cache. Delete all keys and values.

Stats /stats

Return statistics about the cache.


    "keyCount": 1,
    "maxSize": 0


The majority of tests are integration tests that test API routes while checking the underlying cache.

There are some unit tests for the cache.

Run tests recursively.

go test ./...

Example output.

?       healeycodes/in-memory-cache-over-http   [no test files]
ok      healeycodes/in-memory-cache-over-http/api       0.527s
ok      healeycodes/in-memory-cache-over-http/cache     0.340s


Feel free to raise any issues and pull requests 👍

There is no road map for this project. My main motivations were to learn more about Go!


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