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Healpy, a python wrapper for healpix


Healpy provides a python package to manipulate healpix maps. It is based on the standard numeric and visualisation tools for Python, Numpy and matplotlib.

To find find more information about Healpix, please visit its home page at

The documentation can be found at, tutorial at


  • pixelisation manipulation (ang2pix, pix2ang, etc.)
  • spherical harmonic transforms (map2alm, alm2map, synfast, anafast, etc. both for temperature and polarisation)
  • plotting capabilities (mollweide and gnomonic projection)
  • reading and writing of Healpix FITS maps and alm


  • Python, tested with 2.4, 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7; however see bug for Python 2.4.
  • Numpy (tested with version >=1.5.0)
  • Matplotlib
  • Python development package is required for some distribution (e.g., python-dev package for Ubuntu)
  • PyFITS


Healpy depends on the Healpix C++ and cfitsio C libraries. Source code is include with Healpy and you do not have to install them separately.

However, if you have them installed already, Healpy should detect and reuse them instead of building them from source. To use your own installations of HEALPix and cfitsio, you will also need:

See INSTALL for further instructions.


The latest released version is available as a source package at:

healpy can also be automatically installed on most systems using pip (>= 1.4.2):

$ pip install healpy --user

and upgraded with:

$ pip install --upgrade healpy --user

Known Issues

healpy pixel functions, e.g. ang2pix, do not support 32bit platforms, we are working on fixing this issue.


For specific HOWTO questions please create a question on StackOverflow and tag it with the healpy tag, so that answers will be easily searchable on google.

If you think you found a bug or you have install issues, open an issue on github:

For more general discussion, you can write to the healpy mailing list:


Project development takes place on github,, please open an issue over there for reporting bugs or suggest improvements. Collaboration is very welcome, just fork the project on github and send pull requests back to the main repository.




Core developers:

  • Cyrille Rosset
  • Andrea Zonca
  • Martin Reinecke


  • Pierre Chanial
  • Yu Feng
  • Duncan Hanson
  • Sergey Koposov
  • Maude Martin Lejeune
  • Paul Price
  • Leo Singer
  • Maurizio Tomasi


Note that, as stated here publications based on work using the HEALPix software package should include both of the following:

  1. an acknowledgment statement: "Some of the results in this paper have been derived using the HEALPix (Górski et al., 2005) package". The complete reference is:

    Górski, K.M., E. Hivon, A.J. Banday, B.D. Wandelt, F.K. Hansen, M. Reinecke, and M. Bartelmann, HEALPix: A Framework for High-resolution Discretization and Fast Analysis of Data Distributed on the Sphere, Ap.J., 622, 759-771, 2005.

  2. at the first use of the HEALPix acronym, a footnote placed in the main body of the paper referring to the HEALPix web site, currently

As healpy is based on HEALPix Software (the C++ library), the same condition applies to it.

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