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The beginning of this document broadly describes the M&I Map application in terms and language suitable for the needs of both business and technical professionals, and also serves as an introduction to the documentation contained throughout the Wiki. Some of this introductory material is described at a higher level in the Poster.

Introduction to the M&I Map

The Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition of Georgia is a coalition of organizations and individuals operating programs to serve mothers and babies throughout Georgia.

The Maternal & Infant (M&I) Map provides decision support for advocates seeking better recognition and additional funding for programs.

The system, as currently implemented, is referred to as Phase 1 throughout this document. This is to distinguish between the current implementation and an extended set of capabilities, referred to as Phase 2, that the original project team identified but were not able to develop in the original timeframe. The Phase 2 workflow and features are described in Next Steps.

Description of the M&I Map Process (Phase 1)

The following workflow describes the expected work process, and what part the M&I Map system plays within the workflow.


  • Partners start the process; these are people working at partner organizations. They gather information and write descriptions of their organization and the programs they offer. With the Phase 1 Implementation, Partners will enter this information into a Google Form, which will forward the data to HMHBGA administrators (labeled Admin on the workflow).

  • Before entering the data, Admin will review, possibly edit, and approve the information provided by Partners. Then the Admin will enter the information into the M&I Map application.

  • Once information is entered, program and organization information are available on the Map for viewing and inquiry by Advocates, and by the general Public.

We expect the Partner and Admin roles will be carried out in offices, using laptops or desktops (stationary devices) to access the M&I Map. By comparison, we expect that viewing and inquiry of the M&I Map will need to support both mobile and stationary devices.

Functions and features of the M&I Map System (Phase 1)

To understand the functions/features that the M&I Map System (Phase 1) can perform, please refer to the following sections of this Wiki:

  • User Stories: a list of the features of the system
  • User Manual: a description of how to use the features of the system

The remainder of this document is targeted to software developers who need to understand the architecture and construction of the software.

Software Architecture of the M&I Map System

To understand the Software Architecture of the M&I Map System software, please refer to the following sections of this Wiki:

For recommendations on how to manage future changes to the M&I Map System software, see Next Steps.

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