Phase 2 Prototype

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This document is targeted to designers and software developers who need to understand how the Phase 2 Prototype (Approval) was developed.

For a more general description of Phase 2 (such as assumptions and expected features), see Next Steps.

The Design Process for the Phase 2 Prototype (Approval)

  • The first stage of design was to iteratively review wireframes (initial screen designs) with HMHB leaders and incorporating their feedback into the next version. (The first wireframes were pencil-and-paper sketches; following iterations were developed in Sketch.)
  • In the next stage of design, the final versions of the wireframes were used to construct a medium-fidelity interactive prototype. (Separate prototypes were developed with Axure and InVision, each using images created from Sketch).
  • The final stage of design was to iteratively review the interactive prototype with HMHB leaders, again with their feedback incorporated into the next version.

Click here to view a brief video walkthrough of the prototype for Phase 2 Approval.

The final version of the prototype may be accessed from (and run on) any computer with a web browser and an internet connection. Click here to access the Axure Phase 2 Interactive Prototype

Phase 2 Workflow

Phase 2 Workflow

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