Team Management

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Why Teams?

While there are many ways to manage permissions of users to make changes to the healthBAM repository, the recommended way is by setting up a team in the healthBAM organization for each group of people. This makes it easy to change all of the team's permissions together at once.

Create a Team

  • Go to the HealthBAM Organization Teams Page
  • Click the "New team" button.
  • Give the team a meaningful name and description.
  • Leave the team as visible.
  • Click the "Create team" button.

Create new team

Add Team Members

  • Use the "Add a person" text field to find and select members to add to the team.
  • Each person will receive an email that they must confirm to join the team and organization.

Team members

Grant Team Access

  • From the "Team members" page, click the "Repositories" button at the top.
  • Use the "Add repositories" field to select the "healthbam" respository.
  • Grant "write" access to allow the entire team to make changes to the code.
  • To revoke access later, just change the team's access to "Read".

Team rights


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