User Manual

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HMHB Resource Map

User Manual

Table of Contents

  1. Basic Features
    • Search Features
    • More Details
  2. Admin Features
    • Logging In
    • Creating a Program or Organization
    • Editing or Deleting a Program or Organization
    • Adding or Deleting an Admin
    • Exporting Data to File
  3. Partner Survey Forms

1. Basic Features

1.1 Searching the Map

The search function is available to all users, with or without logging in. It can be found on the left-side toolbar on the main screen:

image unavailable

Users can search for programs by category (area), by the organization that sponsors the program, by counties being served, or by some combination of the three. Clicking “Filter Map” submits the search request.

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The map will display all programs that fit the search criteria. A gold pin shows the location from which each program is administered. Counties served by the program are shaded purple. If the search criteria included a specific county, that county is outlined in gold.

1.2 More Details

Additional details on programs or organizations can be obtained one of two ways:

  1. Click the gold pin representing the program and click “More Details.”

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  1. Go to the left-side toolbar beneath the Filter Map button. Clicking "Programs" or "Organizations" will bring up a list, and clicking an item in the list will give details on that item.

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2. Admin Features

2.1 Logging In

Users with Admin privileges can log in using their Google account username and password. This will give them access to additional features.

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2.2 Creating A Program or Organization

Create a new program by clicking the yellow button that appears on the lower right-hand corner of the map for logged-in admins. Fill the required information into the dialog window that appears.

When creating a program affiliated with an organization that is not yet in the system, select "Create new organization" from the first drop-down menu in the "new program" dialog.

image unavailable

2.3 Editing or Deleting a Program or Organization

To edit or delete an existing program or organization, go to the "More Details" page for that program or organization (see Section 1.2). For logged-in admins, two icons will appear in the upper-right-hand corner of the page. Click the trash can to delete the program or organization, or click the pen to edit the details.

image unavailable

2.4 Adding or Deleting an Admin

Logged-in Admins may add new Admins or delete other Admins. (There is a single primary Superadmin that cannot be deleted.) To manage Admins, choose the "Users" option from the left-hand sidebar.

One way to add a new Admin is to click the gold (+) sign in the lower right-hand corner and enter the new Admin's email address. The new Admin will then be able to log in.

Another way is to have the prospective Admin log into the site using their Google username and password. This will add their account to the list of Users, though it will not give them any additional capabilities. To give the new user Admin capabilities, click the "Actions" icon on the right-hand side of the user's information in the list. This will give you the option to "Grant Admin" or "Delete User."

image unavailable

When a user already has Admin capabilities, the same icon will provide the option to "Revoke Admin." This will revert the user to the same status as users who don't log in.

2.5 Exporting Data

To export the map data to a CSV file, click the "Reports" button on the left-hand sidebar. This will give you a choice of either a "Program Report" or "User Report." Clicking one of these will download a file to your local hard drive.

3. Survey Forms


  • The fully envisioned system (Phase 2) will allow partners to enter organization and program information into the system; however, that information will not be visible on the M&I Map until it has been approved by someone with Administrator rights.

  • The initially constructed system (Phase 1) allows only someone with Administrator rights to enter organization and program information into the system (there is no approval process, and all information once entered is immediately visible on the M&I Map).

With the implementation of Phase 1, we are providing a Partner Survey Form for HMHB to distribute to partners. Partners can use this form to type all the information necessary to enter their organization and program information into the system. This will provide a standard method of gathering the necessary information from partners, for entry into the system.

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