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Healthety is a realtime and easy to setup monitoring framework built on Node.

The server listens to a given port for UDP packets and streams these information via WebSockets to the fontend.


First of all you need to install Node and the packet manager npm.

Then install Healthety by running:

$ npm install healthety


var server = require('healthety');
  8124, // http server port
  41234 // UDP server port

Open http://localhost:8124 in your browser.

To report data you can use our worker. Currently there is a Ruby and PHP worker. We'll publish very soon a JavaScript worker library.

Basic Auth

Optional you can use basic auth to protect your reports.

var server = require('healthety');
  8124, // http server port
  41234, // UDP server port,
  {basicAuth: {user: 'admin', pass: 'secret'}}

Other Features

You can specify the time frame by adding snake case chart name plus '_frame' and value in seconds. I know, lousy description... Example for set 'Load Average' chart time frame to 5minutes:

It is also possible to display warnings when given limits are exceeded. Example for setting limits for 'Memory' chart to 12000:

To shorten the host names in legend provide 'cut_off' parameter:

Other installation methods and monitoring

We can provide Chef and Monit recipes. They are not polished and thus not published, but we could give it to you if you promise not to show anyone.

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