Healthsites roadmap

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Healthsites roadmap

Healthsites Kanban board.

To partner with us and help develop this roadmap please get in contact. @sharehealthdata

Validation methods

'As a trusted user I want to publish updates to Healthsites so that I can help to validate the data.'

Product backlog

OSM data editing module

We will update the editing feature to write directly to the OSM data infrastructure. The database will be used to cache the data in order to efficiently display/search/group/aggregate data as well as triage and validate data before pushing it to the OSM project. The Oauth service will be updated to enable OSM users to login with their OSM profiles.

Product backlog

OSM synchronisation

We will query the OSM DB for updates and ensure that these updates get pulled through to the database.

Product backlog

Integration with DHIS2

'As a healthsite data administrator I want to integrate with a national instance so that I can publish accurate healthsite data'

Product backlog

Masterisation process

We will review the Masterisation functionality and present opportunities for MissingMaps tasks. This could take the form of presenting opportunities on for masterisation to ‘trusted users’ We could also present .csv healthsite lists for Maproulette users to use.

Product backlog

Landing page redesign

Healthsites is a global initiative to put every health facility in the world on the map to strengthen health systems. We’re building the tools and community to share and update health facility data. We work with the OpenStreetMap community to bring together citizens and national health agencies to make health facility data open and accessible to improve health systems around the world.

Anyone can contribute to Healthsites. Join partners like the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, the International Committee of the Red Cross, Medecins Sans Frontières, the International Hospital Federation and others to support health facility mapping projects or update and validate existing health facility information. Join in at

Product backlog

Mobile app development

Development of a Mobile application that extends the primary healthsite functionality to mobile users.


We will further develop the API to make the data more accessible and useful

Product backlog

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