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Location Validation Index

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The Location Validation Index combines the user status, attribute completion and temporal nature of each update into an LVI score for the health facility.

We plan to use a reputation system where each Healthsite is awarded points that speak to the credibility of the data at that site. Points are awarded based on interactions with the site, and lost when no interactions occur. For example if 100 people validate a site as being correct over a year, we will score the data highly. If nobody validates a site over a time period, it may lose credibility points. Validators will be pluggable and we invite software developers to create new validators.

Planned features

  • Every attribute can have one or more associated validators, validator functionality can range from a simple: “email address should look like an email address’ to more complex which even rely on external services like: “check if the Locality address is similar to results returned by external geocoding services” or “check if the telephone number is correct by manually calling the number and verifying”
  • Due to the nature of validations, most will be executed as a asynchronous tasks, which will as a result create more validation tasks that require user feedback, for example: a Locality similarity validator might detect two similar Localities so a user needs to manually mark one of the similar Localities as duplicate
  • LVI calculation will be based on all collected history of changes, validator results, user reputations, ...

MissingMaps validation page

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