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A Node.js web application project spawned from the Udemy course - The Web Developer Bootcamp by Colt Steele. As such, it beckons for expansion. Feel free to make improvements!

Live Demo

To see the app in action, go to


  • Authentication:

    • User login with username and password

    • Admin sign-up with admin code

  • Authorization:

    • One cannot manage posts and view user profile without being authenticated

    • One cannot edit or delete posts and comments created by other users

    • Admin can manage all posts and comments

  • Manage campground posts with basic functionalities:

    • Create, edit and delete posts and comments

    • Upload campground photos

    • Display campground location on Google Maps

  • Manage user account with basic functionalities:

    • Password reset via email confirmation (uses less secure google apps, so this is disabled for security)

    • Profile page setup with sign-up

  • Flash messages responding to users' interaction with the app

  • Responsive web design

Custom Enhancements

  • Update/edit campgrounds

Getting Started

This app contains API secrets and passwords that have been hidden deliberately, so the app cannot be run with its features on your local machine. However, feel free to clone this repository if necessary.

Clone or download this repository

git clone 

Install dependencies

npm install


yarn install

Comments in code

Some comments in the source code are course notes and therefore might not seem necessary from a developer's point of view.

Built with







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