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So you got your Heart of Clojure ticket, congrats! Now it's time to start preparing for your trip. We've gathered some info to help you make the most of your trip. This is a living document, so make sure to check back before the event.

This is a living document. If you know the area or you have something to add that's relevant for people traveling to Belgium then don't hesitate to edit this page.

Getting there

Heart of Clojure takes place at Hal5, which is just a short walk from Leuven train station, which is in turn a short train ride from Brussels airport.

The conference takes place on Friday 2 and Saturday 3 August, but there will be fringe activities happening from Thursday afternoon up to Sunday, so we recommend arriving well in time, and sticking around a bit afterwards. Why not bring a partner and combine it with an extended city trip?

Omio offers a convenient way to search for connections across different modes of transport.

By train

If you're traveling from a neighbouring country then we recommend taking the train, it's comfortable, environmentally friendly, and you can get some work done while the scenery rolls past. Leuven is only a few hours away from London, Amsterdam, or Paris.

By plane

If you are flying in then look for tickets to Brussels Airport (airport code: BRU). Some low cost carriers will fly to Charleroi instead (also known as Brussels South, airport code: CRL). Despite the name this airport is quite a long way from Brussels, and getting to or from the airport involves getting a bus to Brussels, and then a train to Leuven, which will add an hour or two to your travel time, so fly to BRU if possible.

Schedule & activities

For talks & activities refer to the official guide.

There will be a big "siesta break" on the second day. This is time to hang out, chill, socialize, but especially to participate in activities.

You can sign up for these in the Activities app. Sign up or host your own! There will also be activities on the fringe days, Thursday and Sunday.

Practical stuff

SIM cards

EU visitors can generally use their existing plan at no extra cost. For others please consult the prepaid SIM card wiki. Buying a prepaid card is generally easy, but you do have to register with your passport or ID card, so you're best off going to a shop that can do that straight away.

Paying with card

Belgium falls somewhere in the middle when it comes to card-friendliness. Cards are generally accepted in supermarkets and restaurants, but often not in smaller shops and bars. The cards that are accepted vary from place to place, Maestro is most widely accepted, followed by Visa and MasterCard. American Express is generally not accepted.

Things to see and do

Belgian Beer

Famous the world over, Belgium's beer culture has brought forth an astonishing variety of quality beverages. We are not surprised people want to savour and enjoy these delights. If you do too, then please keep a few things in mind.

Heart of Clojure may be a very relaxed conference, but it is still a professional event, so please enjoy your drinks in moderation. Some of the Belgian beers are stronger than what people coming from abroad are used to. This isn't because Belgian's love to get drunk, instead we tend to enjoy these stronger drinks at a slower pace, savouring perhaps only a glass or two in the course of an evening.

When going out in the evening keep in mind that there's still a next day (either a conference day or Sunday's hack day). Conferences are a lot more fun when you're not tired and hung over, and we'd love to have your inquisitive minds there sharp and fresh from the first talk to the last.

Finally keep in mind that Heart of Clojure and all fringe events are covered by the Code of Conduct. Please keep an eye out for each other so that everyone can enjoy the conference in safety and peace.

Where to go next

There are a lot of cities and towns in Belgium worth visiting, and taking an extra day to enjoy Leuven's historic center is certainly worth it as well. Some suggestions: Brussels, Ghent, Bruges, Antwerp, or go hiking in the green hills of the Ardennes.