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@heartsentwined heartsentwined links should use square brackets c38c544
@heartsentwined heartsentwined style tweak 855414e
@heartsentwined heartsentwined rails 4 sidenote d1f4f76
@heartsentwined heartsentwined devise 3.1 deprecation warning e9dc13d
heartsentwined enhancements: remember me 85861e8
heartsentwined URL typo 3bdb1c2
heartsentwined model UI e903cca
heartsentwined auth UI 715c6c4
heartsentwined ember setup c8fbf74
heartsentwined model ad62a57
heartsentwined devise tutorial ced1011
heartsentwined 1.9 hash notice 0d8100b
heartsentwined removed Tutorial splash page 1829519
heartsentwined bootstrap 188df00
heartsentwined Initial Commit 0f81957
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