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@heartsentwined heartsentwined fix sprockets file name 5ddd18c
@heartsentwined heartsentwined heroku note c71f8d4
@heartsentwined heartsentwined links should use square brackets c38c544
@heartsentwined heartsentwined style tweak 855414e
@heartsentwined heartsentwined rails 4 sidenote d1f4f76
@heartsentwined heartsentwined 9.x update 6370843
@davekaro davekaro Links were not working. 44783d2
@heartsentwined heartsentwined devise 3.1 deprecation warning e9dc13d
heartsentwined min. req. ember rc6.2 654b6c8
heartsentwined ember-auth 7.x update afd09cb
heartsentwined Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' c3a67d3
@edg3r edg3r - Auth.signOut(); + EmberAuthRailsDemo.Auth.signOut() bc4be4d
heartsentwined typo fix bbac94f
@biow0lf biow0lf Small clean 3ba7ba1
heartsentwined typo 05f5abe
heartsentwined emberjs/ember-rails#168 bug hack b8caf3c
heartsentwined template fix 74e8cb2
heartsentwined 5.x & 6.x update 614a569
heartsentwined 3.x update + emblem adoption a728085
heartsentwined rspec tweak 067867d
heartsentwined Gemfile polished 44cb375
heartsentwined missing filename adb3e7f
heartsentwined removed useless code 3be63b3
heartsentwined polishing 1423be9
heartsentwined Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' 2d9a418
heartsentwined enhancements: remember me 85861e8
heartsentwined note on filenames 1715ad7
@kevinansfield kevinansfield fix next-page Auth-UI link b79fb49
@kevinansfield kevinansfield cross-platform notification gems for guard 1d751f7
heartsentwined URL typo 3bdb1c2
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