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README: fix valueBindings in full-page template #5

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Thanks @kevinansfield, have you tested this out? Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that an unqualified valueBinding will go through controller, and failing that, the model. However, action logic is best implemented in the view, which is why I put view.* in the first place.


The code listed just above the changed template is:

App.SignInController = Ember.ObjectController.extend
  email: null
  password: null

  signIn: ->
      email:    @get 'email'
      password: @get 'password'

With the properties being on the Controller, using view.* doesn't work. I had to change to unqualified valueBinding for the code sample to work.

If the auth logic should really be in the views, should the full-page examples be updated to reflect that?


oh sorry, you are right, I got mixed up with the widget-style helpers; the full-page style should indeed go through controller.

@heartsentwined heartsentwined merged commit 7e0f7f9 into heartsentwined:master
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Commits on Mar 6, 2013
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@@ -205,9 +205,9 @@ App.SignInController = Ember.ObjectController.extend
<script type="text/x-handlebars" data-template-name="sign_in">
- {{view Ember.TextField valueBinding=""}}
+ {{view Ember.TextField valueBinding="email"}}
- {{view Ember.TextField type="password" valueBinding="view.password"}}
+ {{view Ember.TextField type="password" valueBinding="password"}}
<button {{action "signIn"}}>Sign In</button>
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