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@heartsentwined heartsentwined remove hard-coded version example Oct 18, 2013 7393f04
@heartsentwined heartsentwined `actionRedirectable` must-load-first should be fixed in `9.x` Oct 18, 2013 625bb5a
@heartsentwined heartsentwined 9.x syntax Oct 18, 2013 9962f90
@heartsentwined heartsentwined we use emberscript, not plain coffeescript Aug 30, 2013 7fedd17
@heartsentwined heartsentwined Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' Aug 30, 2013 a406cff
@heartsentwined heartsentwined 8.0 ver as example Aug 30, 2013 8fb0260
@jherdman jherdman Don't play with Bundler fire, yo Aug 22, 2013 0696ffe
@heartsentwined heartsentwined remove outdated FAQs, add actionRedir gotcha Aug 22, 2013 f7636c5
@heartsentwined heartsentwined update version example to latest Aug 22, 2013 f44e307
heartsentwined v6.0.2 reference May 6, 2013 e0e4f15
heartsentwined vanilla ruby installation update May 2, 2013 00db2b2
heartsentwined rails/ruby installation update May 2, 2013 25a21da
heartsentwined move dropped support to bottom May 2, 2013 236ed97
heartsentwined added install notes for non-rails ruby Apr 16, 2013 16c2d6d
heartsentwined bpm and jam support drop notice Apr 15, 2013 babe873
heartsentwined updated to 3.0.0 Apr 6, 2013 9e94902
heartsentwined security note on auto-load current user Mar 30, 2013 86be815
heartsentwined minor edit for clarification Feb 23, 2013 22fdf53
heartsentwined post- sign out caveat Feb 23, 2013 6e2f335
heartsentwined explains the behavior of Auth.Route Feb 23, 2013 7fc6789
heartsentwined Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' Feb 20, 2013 5259f51
@ahazem ahazem fixed a small typo (there was an extra quote ` at the end of the ruby code block in the "rails/bundler" section) Feb 19, 2013 81f1ef2
heartsentwined added `jquery.cookie` notice Feb 20, 2013 17924f9
heartsentwined added remember me and https security Feb 20, 2013 8739674
heartsentwined added security line to home page Feb 17, 2013 ae23253
heartsentwined security Feb 17, 2013 46a264d
heartsentwined polishing Feb 17, 2013 3504ef2
heartsentwined added installation notes link; converted to unix line endings Feb 16, 2013 cf3b192
heartsentwined rails / bundler installation instructions Feb 16, 2013 27a98b0
heartsentwined bower Feb 16, 2013 8c2707f
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